October 2018

October is a month that is always busy with work, what with all students back full time and a couple of weekend open days – at the start of October I had two scheduled days off all month. I did have a day of illness spent in bed, and desperately had to book couple of days off at the end to catch up on rest, but I’m still exhausted. Lots of things have had to take a back seat because of this, but I’m always hopeful life will calm down… Continue reading “October 2018”

September 2018

I meant to post this much sooner in the month – and though I had – but there we go. Issues with the site, and just being so busy, let this slip. Anyway, September, as had been the case much of this year, went by way too quickly. Busy work, busy life… just busy busy busy. But it was my birthday, so while another year older it was nice to celebrate it with a mahoosive pizza. Continue reading “September 2018”

July 2018

July has been busy. Very busy. I’ve still managed to get some reading time in, and watched a few movies, but I’m getting burnt out. I’ve not managed to finish off any reviews, and my review reading has dropped to nothing – it’s all pleasure and escapism at the moment. Who knows if this will get any better in August, but at least I have some time off work to look forward to at the end of the month. Continue reading “July 2018”

June 2018

June has seen some amazing weather here in the UK, and I’ve been trying to take plenty of advantage of it. Walking has increased (which means my Pokemon Go playing time has too), and I’ve read more than I’d planned, which is always nice. After getting back to exercising properly in May I’m starting to feel the benefits, though my weight still needs to drop a fair amount… Continue reading “June 2018”

February 2018

February has been a relatively good month overall. I got back to exercising at the start of the month, and while walking has continued throughout, running has had to take a back seat due to health issues. We’re also having another push to sort out the house with the final room of boxes from the move to be sorted imminently! Other than that, and being busy with work, things have just ticked over nicely. Continue reading “February 2018”