The Solaris Book of New SF 3

Another year, another anthology from the excellent publisher Solaris. I’ve read the first of these, missed the second (I really, really need to get it, it features some great authors), but as this is basically sci-fi short stories there’s no need to have read any of the previous ones. Here’s my thoughts on the stories we have here: Continue reading “The Solaris Book of New SF 3”

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

Matthew Sobol, self made millionaire and creator of the world’s most popular online computer games, has died. After a long struggle with cancer his body finally gave up, but his mind will effect the world for much, much longer. Before his death he created a Daemon, a computer program, so smart that it can pick away any defences and cause havoc on a global scale. When Sobol’s obituary is posted on the internet the Daemon is activated, setting a series of events into motion that will change everything. Continue reading “Daemon by Daniel Suarez”

Foundation by Isaac Asimov

The Galactic Empire rules the galaxy from the central planet of Trantor, but Hari Seldon has seen its downfall through the science of psychohistory. By using his skills he is able to see many thousands of years in the future and is able to work a solution to reduce the length of the dark ages from 30,000 years down to a mere 1,000 years. His solution is simple enough: establish two colonies – Foundations – at opposing ends of the galaxy as a place to foster and advance human knowledge. Continue reading “Foundation by Isaac Asimov”