Cover Art | Damage Time by Colin Harvey (Angry Robot Books)

Rock-hard SF Thriller from the author of Winter Song: no-one here gets out alive.

It’s 2050 and sea-levels have swamped today’s coastal regions. New York City is protected by tidal barriers and the USA is bankrupt.

Detective Pervez (Pete) Shah serves with the NYPD’s Web Crimes Division as a Memory Association Specialist. When he’s accused of murdering a glamorous woman in a bar, he must find the killer, save himself … and the world.

I came across this on Angry Robot Books' website and I really, really hope this is not the final cover. Am I alone? To clarify why I don't like it - the colours, and specifically the orange of the title. With a different (and perhaps softer) title colour this could redeem itself, but I still think the contrast of that green on blue doesn't work and makes my eyes hurt a little...

EDIT: I've replaced the image with a higher quality one. While everything now is a little clearer and stands out a little better, I still don't think it's the nicest of covers...

Aidan Moher  – (9 December 2009 at 18:35)  

Funny. I just picked up the cover for another Angry Robot book, Walking the Tree, which I absolutely loved.

This one, not so much.


Mark Chitty  – (9 December 2009 at 18:42)  

I completely agree, Walking the Tree is definitely one of the best covers Angry Robot has put on their books.

If only all books could get such great treatment.

Book Chick City  – (9 December 2009 at 18:54)  

Nope, not a fan either. I'm sure they will change it... I hope

Dave-Brendon de Burgh  – (12 December 2009 at 15:12)  

Whoa, where'd the cover go? Or is it just this weird browser... Can't see it at AR either. :-(

Lee  – (12 December 2009 at 21:02)  

Not entirely sure why that's happening. Seems to be an IE8 issue, as it works ok on my laptop running IE7, and also on Chrome and Firefox.

I've replaced the image on the AR website, so it now shows correctly, but not the larger version when it's clicked on.

If you have a different browser, I suggest trying that, instead ...

Dave-Brendon de Burgh  – (13 December 2009 at 13:41)  

Sorted, thanks Lee. :-) My PC-luck has been shite lately... ;-)

I don't think it's a terrible cover, but it's not the best I've seen, either. What I will say, though, is that I can see a brand-image being created for Colin - i.m.o. if you compare the use of colour on Damage Time and Winter Song you can see the similarities with the amount of colour used - not a lot of it, in other words, with imagery that isn't very complex. When they're both face-out on the shelves, they'll definitely draw the eyes. :-)

Mark Chitty  – (13 December 2009 at 19:53)  

Thanks for posting your thoughts Dave, and to Lee for dropping by :)

Although I agree about an image being created for Colin (I really did like the cover for WS), I just think the use of colour in this is it's worst aspect. The colours are harsh against the nice blue backdrop and although this makes it stand out, I really don't think it's in a good way.

I also posted this on a couple of forums I frequent (sffworld and asoiaf.westeros - will post links when I get on the laptop) and I can say that the general consensus is that it's not a good cover. I won't repeat the comments here, but it's not just the use of colour that is commented on - the quality of the cgi is also noted.

Personally I'm really disappointed that AR has put this cover on one of the few sci-fi books they release when their fantasy books get some jaw dropping ones.

Mark Chitty  – (14 December 2009 at 07:35)  

The two forum links:

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