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Starting from the top here are the covers for Off Armageddon Reef, By Schism Rent Asunder, By Heresies Distressed and A Mighty Fortress, all books in David Weber's Safehold series. These have been published in the US over the last few years and it's nice to see that they're getting a UK release in May of this year by Tor UK. I'm a relative newcomer to David Weber's work (having only read Out of the Dark), but I plan on getting around to his Honor Harrington books, and possibly these ones. Not sure yet.

Now, to the cover art. Hmm. I'm not a fan of clearly CGI art like this, and it really puts me off these books, if I'm honest. I just think they look unfinished, like the edges need smoothing. Maybe just me...

Now, if you look below you'll see the original US covers for this series side-by-side with the UK ones. It looks like Tor UK has taken the art from the US releases (except A Mighty Fortress), re-created them and used them as full covers. Not my cup of tea, I prefer the US ones.

Anonymous –   – (10 January 2011 at 19:25)  

I agree Mark. The UK edition isn't bad but it definitely doesn't compare to the US versions. It feels like something you'd find on a fan site.

RobB  – (10 January 2011 at 19:29)  

Hi Mark,

I think you'll really enjoy this series. I've become a big fan of it over the past couple of years. I'm actually putting off the most recent (4th) book so I don't have to wait as long for the 5th. The 4th is on my pile waiting to be read. When I recommend the series to people, I tell them it has a similar feel (at least thematically) to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

I just finished Out of the Dark and enjoyed it, but not quite as much as you.

I'll be trying On Basilisk Station, the first HH book in the not-too-distant future, too.

Liviu of Fantasy Book Critic is a big fan of David Weber. He's done a nice Overview of the Honor Harrington series and conducted a great interview with Weber.

Mark  – (10 January 2011 at 19:56)  

Thanks Rob, good to know you've really enjoyed them and the thematic comparison to BSG does give me more of a reason to pick them up. I'm still debating on whether to wait for the UK editions, or just order the US ones - I'll see what's around when I'm ready to give them a go!

Brenda  – (11 January 2011 at 19:11)  

I actually like the UK covers better, but they all look pretty good to me.

Dogma75 –   – (12 January 2011 at 18:00)  

I was never in SF when it comes to books. But after reading the first book of the Honor Harrington series ("On Basilisk Station") I was hooked. In about two weeks - I had holidays - I read the first 5 books of the series. They were all great.

"Off Amargeddon Reef" lies on my bookshelf since autumn last year, waiting to be read. A lot of other titles got in the way.. ;-)

I have to agree that the covers of the US-Versions are better then the UK ones.

Carl V.  – (21 January 2011 at 13:14)  

I'm in the minority here, but I like the UK covers so much better, and were I to read this I would order them in from the UK rather than buying the U.S. editions. I like cgi art, but more than that I am not a fan of the minimalist book covers. The US editions of these are just one step away from being the "name and book title" covers of book like those of George R.R. Martin. Ugh! I'm old school in liking my science fiction and fantasy books to look like science fiction and fantasy.

Leareth  – (19 January 2012 at 01:16)  

I rather like the second books UK cover, but they totally forgot Merlin's dapper mustache and goatee, which you can see in the US version.

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