Small Favour by Jim Butcher

Reviewed by Stephen Aryan

This is book 10 of the Dresden files and will contain some spoilers for the previous books. As with many of Dresden’s cases, the story starts with something fairly simple. Mab, the Winter Queen, asks Dresden for a favour, and because he owes her two favours and she is one of the most powerful Sidhe around, who could freeze his blood in the blink of an eye, he can’t really refuse. The only problem is he’s been asked to find and save Gentleman Johnny Marcone, a Chicago mobster who is a thoroughly ruthless and unpleasant man who Harry has run into several times in the past. He doesn’t like Marcone, he finds what he does deplorable, and now Mab has told him Marcone has been kidnapped and Harry has to save him to wipe away one of the favours. Continue reading “Small Favour by Jim Butcher”