Grandville: Mon Amour by Bryan Talbot

Reviewed by Stephen Aryan

This is the second graphic novel by British writer and artist Bryan Talbot about Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard. The story is set in a steampunk, anthropomorphic world with an alternate history and while the majority of the population are animal based, there is the occasional human or dough-face, who are essentially second class citizens. Without giving away too many spoilers for the first story, this second adventure starts with LeBrock in a very bad place and then one of his worst nightmares comes true. A renowned murderer who he hunted down and arrested has somehow managed to escape on the day he was due to be executed for his crimes. This sends LeBrock into a rage which gets him into trouble with his superiors and as a result he ends up suspended. Of course this tiny detail isn’t going to stop the relentless LeBrock from pursuing the killer to France where he has started murdering prostitutes, seemingly at random. Continue reading “Grandville: Mon Amour by Bryan Talbot”