Brayan’s Gold by Peter V Brett

I think it’s a fairly well known fact that I’m a sci-fi reader that dabbles in fantasy from time to time. Back in 2009 I read a debut fantasy from Peter V Brett called The Painted Man (The Warded Man in the US), and instantly became a fan. There was just something about it that ticked the right boxes for me – the setting, the history, the magic, the demons, the characters – all of these worked extremely well together. While waiting for the sequel, The Desert Spear, to be released Subterranean Press announced that they were going to be releasing a limited edition novella called The Great Bazaar. This was very welcome news, and when the limited edition I bought arrived I couldn’t help but drool over it. The quality was awesome, the art excellent, and the story and extras it contained well worth the money. Continue reading “Brayan’s Gold by Peter V Brett”