The Desert Spear by Peter V Brett

Reviewed by Stephen Aryan

The Desert Spear is the second book by relative newcomer Peter V. Brett. This review contains some spoilers for the first book. At the end of the Painted Man there is a noticeable change in the world. The old battle wards have been discovered, Arlen has been transformed and many call him the Deliverer, even if he refutes it. So the landscape has shifted a bit, but if you boil the book down then at its core it’s still about fear. Fear of the dark and fear of what lurks out there. So now there is a fundamental shift in the world, or rather the possibility exists. But of course, people are still divided by their culture, their prejudice, desires and greed. A Deliverer, if not the Deliverer, a figure of myth and legend walks among them, who brings them weapons to fight back and yet, it’s still not enough for most people. Arlen’s approach is to arm people and leave them to fight back by themselves in their own time, but that’s not enough for some people. Just because they now have the weapons it doesn’t mean everyone will use them. The culture in the Free Cities that has existed for many years is to hide at night and wait for the dawn. Breaking that cycle is going to be incredibly difficult for some people as it is deeply engrained in them, whereas others, younger bolder people, eagerly embrace the new and want to be free of their fear. Continue reading “The Desert Spear by Peter V Brett”