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On the backwater colony world of Chalcedony, Delta Pavonis, all is not what it seems...All David Conway wants after the death of his daughter and the break-up of his marriage is a quiet life away from Earth—and when he comes to Chalcedony he thinks he’s found that. What he does find is a group of people whose friendship will change his life forever, as well as a haunted starship, extraterrestrials with an uncanny ability to read future events, and a conflict between alien races that has lasted for millennia . . . and is about to begin all over again.

In this wonderful series, Eric Brown gives us aliens, fabulous works of art, starships and teleportation . . . plus some of the most delightful characters ever to grace the printed page.
If you're a regular visitor I'm sure you'll have heard me go on about how much I enjoy Eric Brown's writing, particularly his Starship Seasons series, comprising of four novellas (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring).I've read the first three (Winter's review forthcoming!), with the fourth on my shelf cursing me for not yet getting to it. Starship Seasons collects all these novellas in one, and it's being released as both a paperback and limited edition hardback. Personally I'll be getting my order in for the hardback as soon as the pre-order page is up, though the paperback is out soon (it's being released at Eastercon).

Pabkins  – (16 March 2013 at 17:02)  

I don't know - the cover just doesn't do it for me.
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