August 2018

August was, unfortunately, busier than expected. I had hoped to have a good break from work, but ended up spending most of the week decorating. We did have a lovely couple of nights away for our wedding anniversary, but I could have done with it being longer! And work is as busy as always…

Books Read
5 books in August, and here was me thinking I may have some more time this past month:

  1. Embers of War by Gareth L Powell – a nice space opera with interesting characters that seemed to flow well. Nothing outstanding, but I often find that it’s books like this that are the nicest to read. I’ll be checking out the sequel when it comes around.
  2. Traitor’s Blade by Sebastien de Castell – this starts off relatively simply, but the further into the book you go the more complex and intertwined it all becomes. Very good, and some great characters here. Only one real negative comment, and that’s the way events happen off-page without any description. Mostly not an issue, but a particular scene late in the book that I was very much looking forward to as it became clear it was going to happen was one of these. Very frustrating.
  3. Dusty’s Diary by Bobby Adair – a short audiobook that is essentially a diary starting around 2 years after Dusty entered his bunker following what is a zombie apocalypse in all but name. A slightly different take on the idea, in that they are a fungus infection that takes over the body, though not much info is really given other than they act like zombies. Relatively interesting as far as these things goes, though a somewhat annoying point of view with his various fixations (i.e. porn). I think the only way I made it to the end was because the audiobook narrator, Ray Porter, is great to listen to. It also just stopped, no finale as such or any answers to anything in any way.
  4. The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay – hmm, not entirely sure about this one. On the one hand it’s got a very interesting premise in the home-invasion-with-a-twist idea, but it never managed to really pull it off. The characters are equally interesting and annoying, and there isn’t enough meat to them to pull you in enough to really care what will happen. To be frank, no real conclusion, and certainly not satisfying.
  5. Salvation by Peter F Hamilton – a second read in preparation for my review, and I enjoyed it more this second time around. I managed to get some good long chunks of time reading this time around, and it certainly helped compared to my more longer and bitty first read of it.

Reviews Posted
No reviews again this month.

Movies Watched
Avengers: Infinity War was watched again, and I enjoyed it more the second time around – cannot wait for the next film to finish it all off. The Endless was a weird one I came across and found a little boring to start, but one it got going I was hooked. Ant-Man and the Wasp was good fun, though not as much as the first. The Equalizer we watched so we could see the sequel (not got to it yet) and it was pretty much as generic as expected – Denzel made the movie though. Tag is my kind of movie – fun, juvenile, yet full of heart. Loved it.

TV Shows Watched
Altered Carbon (season 1) – I’ve read the book a couple of times, but it’s been a while, so I was looking forward to this show. All in all, very good, and one of the better SF shows I’ve seen for a while.
Fear the Walking Dead (season 1) – I gave up on The Walking Dead a long time ago, but adverts for this started on the TV and it looked ifferent and rather interesting. And the first few episodes were, but after that it just lost its momentum for me and felt pretty generic again. Won’t be continuing.
Young Sheldon (season 1) – I wasn’t particularly impressed by the adverts, but this show grew on me over the first season. Not as funny as I thought, and the continuity with Big Bang Theory is rather loose, but one I’d watch again.
Luke Cage (season 2) – I really liked the first season of Luke Cage, but this one didn’t do it for me as much. There were some good parts to it, but I had the same feeling as I did with Jessica Jones’ second season – it could have told the story in less episodes and been more effective.

Games Played
Absolutely nothing played again this past month despite trying desperately to get some time…

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