Borderlands: Unconquered by John Shirley

borderlands-unconqueredBorderlands: Unconquered by John Shirley (Pocket Books, Amazon UK, Amazon US) takes the main characters from the immensely popular Borderlands video game and brings their exploits to the page. Looking mainly at Roland and Mordecai, Unconquered throws everything into the mix that you’d expect after playing the source material. Guns, violence, guns, psychotic enemies, guns, loot, and guns. Oh, and did I mention guns?

Lets be honest, the only reason to read Borderlands: Unconquered is if you’re a fan of the game, otherwise there is little here that you’d care for. Unconquered reads as a side mission from the game with perhaps a little less of the dark humour I expected. The characters are fine, the plot okay, and the resolution not entirely unexpected. It’s enjoyable, but this one won’t win any awards, nor bring new fans to the franchise. What it does, it does well, though it’s strictly for those familiar with Borderlands.

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