Reading Stephen King Update #2

I’d hoped to read one Stephen King book per month this year, but have failed on that up to now. I’ve managed 6 more – Firestarter, The Dead Zone, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, End of Watch, From A Buick 8, Misery – and would like to try and make up the months I missed before the end of the year. I think Misery is one of my favourites yet.

Any idea on the next I should read? Continue reading “Reading Stephen King Update #2”

Achievement Unlocked: Read 100 Books in 2016

I hit 100 books read this year over the weekend, putting me about 6 weeks ahead of last year. My aim for 2016 was to read 120 books, which I’ll likely blast through by the end of October – I better re-evaluate my goal! As for what I’ve read, here’s a handy look at all the covers:


2016 Half-Year Reading Update

These past six months have sure flown by, yet looking at my books read list I’ve managed to get plenty of good novels consumed in that time. My target this year is to read 120 books (which I managed last year), and I’m already 19 books ahead of where I was last July. Still plenty of reading ahead! Continue reading “2016 Half-Year Reading Update”