Diving Into The Wreck by Kristin Kathryn Rusch

Boss loves to dive historical ships, derelict spacecraft found adrift in the blackness between the stars. Sometimes she salvages for money, but mostly she’s an active historian. She wants to know about the past—to experience it firsthand. Once she’s dived the ship, she’ll either leave it for others to find or file a claim so that she can bring tourists to dive it as well. It’s a good life for a tough loner, with more interest in artifacts than people.

Then one day, Boss finds the claim of a lifetime: an enormous spacecraft, incredibly old, and apparently Earth-made. It’s impossible for something so old, built in the days before Faster Than Light travel, to have journeyed this far from Earth. It shouldn’t be here. It can’t be here. And yet, it is. Boss’s curiosity is up, and she’s determined to investigate. She hires a group of divers to explore the wreck with her, the best team she can assemble. But some secrets are best kept hidden, and the past won’t give up its treasures without exacting a price in blood.

What Boss finds could rewrite history, cost lives, and start an intergalactic war.

diving-into-the-wreckDiving Into The Wreck is a book that caught my attention because of the title, cover and blurb. It sounded like something that would be right up my street and promised enough to make me wonder how and where the story would go. Although it starts off in a fairly predictable fashion (but enjoyable none-the-less), Diving Into The Wreck turned into a very entertaining and page turning read.

The story is split into three sections – the first is the finding and diving of the mysterious wreck, while the second and third follow up on the implications and information found during the first part. If it sounds like I am being deliberately vague it’s because I am – going into too much detail on anything past the first section will give some of the game away and this is a story that deserves being read fresh. I will say this about the book – it’s an extremely well written and thoroughly engrossing novel with some vivid descriptions while raising some very believable and serious questions.

What is especially impressive about Diving Into The Wreck is that Rusch has written it entirely in the first person. This means that what Boss knows, you know. This is a good way to put the reader into the action and allow you to get sucked into the situation. Boss is a character that is identifiable with some aspects of her personality (for instance, her privacy) and has values that are fairly straight forward, all going to give us a solid central character. The supporting cast are also introduced and fleshed out as much as the situation needs. This especially helped in keeping the pace of the novel flowing nicely without getting bogged down.

Despite how much I enjoyed the novel I had one gripe that I just couldn’t shake when I finished – the ending. It’s not that it isn’t suited, but to me it felt as if it went against the grain of the story. However, despite this I came away from Diving Into The Wreck satisfied and pleased with the overall story. If any sequels where released (and there is plenty of scope) I would snatch them up without a second thought. I’ll also be making it my business to check out more work by Rusch.

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  1. I just read this book and I'm checking out other reviewers' opinions on it. I was also unsatisfied with the end, which I thought was rather anti climatic after all the action and tension in the book. I also couldn't understant the motive of the people in the team and why they would choose to give up their lives to go along. I also felt that the downside of the first person POV is that we don't get to know any of the other characters very well, because Boss herself is a loner, but for me, character development is essential for keeping me interested.

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