Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

When the Doctor and Martha return to Earth and discover that the Toclafane are attacking the population and the Master is ruling the planet they both decide they must do something. But when the Master ages the Doctor into a fragile old man Martha finds herself the only one in any position to stop the Master – and with the Doctors advice she heads off on a quest to bring the stories of the Doctor to the world.
doctor-who-the-story-of-marthaThis is the story of what happened during the year that Martha Jones travelled the globe telling stories of the Doctor, the difficulty she has and the kindness of people that are willing to listen.

The Story of Martha is something of a mix – not quite a traditional novel but not a short story collection either. What we have is a linking narrative written by Dan Abnett detailing Martha’s journey from place to place, while mixed between these are the stories she tells while travelling, all written by different writers. Overall the result is great – the sections are long enough to give a good story but not overlong to stretch it out unnecessarily either.

All the writers here have a very good grasp of the characters, even when only in short stories. The one thing that I found most pleasing was the consistency between them all – this could easily have read like a book from one person, not six. Dan Abnett has the most page time and he does a good job of delivering a self contained story from Martha’s point of view that has to fit in with what was already established in the series. All in all this is a great novel and is a quick read that is thoroughly enjoyable. An unexpected highlight of the year so far!

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  1. I have really enjoyed the new Dr. Who. I will keep my eyes open for this book. The premise sounds fascinating. I wondered about Martha’s odyssey and it sounds like this book explains it.

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