February 2018

February has been a relatively good month overall. I got back to exercising at the start of the month, and while walking has continued throughout, running has had to take a back seat due to health issues. We’re also having another push to sort out the house with the final room of boxes from the move to be sorted imminently! Other than that, and being busy with work, things have just ticked over nicely.

Books Read
Another 6 books read in February. Nice and steady is the way it goes:

  1. The Gameshouse by Claire North – I’ve been wanting to read this novella set for a while, yet never really got around to it until now. I wasn’t entirely convinced either – some parts good, some parts not so much. But that ending was worth it.
  2. The Delirium Brief by Charles Stross – the latest Laundry Files novel from Stross, and always a joy to read. I was late to the party on this one, but it’s a great entry in the series, and with the narrative switching back to Bob there was much to enjoy.
  3. Of Gods and Men by Stephen Aryan – the latest entry in Aryan’s fantasy setting, and a prequel for both fans and newcomers to enjoy. I liked the story and characters, and it was great for more of Varguss’ past to be fleshed out.
  4. Persepolis Rising by James S.A. Corey – the latest Expanse novel, and it’s starting to feel a bit paint-by-numbers. It’s good, but it’s more of what we’ve already seen, though the central story of the novel does make for interesting reading now and what it could mean for future books.
  5. FantasticLand by Mike Bockoven – a horror/thriller set in a theme park and told through interviews/personal accounts? Yes please. This has lots to enjoy about it and it’s done in such a smart way, giving hints as to what happened while slowly revealing aspects of the story.
  6. War Factory by Neal Asher – the only re-read this month, and a good one at that. I enjoyed Dark Intelligence again last month and this book really takes parts of that first book and runs with them. I am very eager to see where Asher goes with Infinity Engine, the last of this trilogy.

Reviews Posted
Invaders From Beyond by Colin Sinclair, Tim Major, and Julian Benson – a disappointing collection of three novellas here, though a couple worth a read for something different (but not alien invasion).
Terminal Alliance by Jim C Hines – a fun read with plenty to keep the pages turning, plus a good set-up for what could be a very entertaining series.
Of Gods and Men by Stephen Aryan – as mentioned, great for fans and newcomers alike, and worth a read.
FantasticLand by Mike Bockoven – quite the fantastic horror, and I think my favourite read so far this year.

Movies Watched
I’ve not had much time to sit down to watch movies, and none to get to the cinema to see the ones I want. But still, I caught The Cloverfield Paradox, and it was better than I’d heard, though the husband storyline seemed tacked-on rather than an integral part of the film. I also watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and so wished I hadn’t. I nearly turned it off after the opening sequence, but I decided to persevere despite finding about 90% of the film either over-the-top or just trying too hard.

TV Shows Watched
Elementary (season 5) – I love this show so much, and it’s likely my favourite Sherlock Holmes adaption of them all. This season was just as good as previous ones, though I was somewhat surprised not to see anything much of Holmes’ father after what happened in season 4. With the ending we had I’m very interested to see where they go with the character in season 6.

Games Played
I’ve dipped in and out of a few games this month – Monster Hunter 3, World of Tanks, Borderlands 2 – but haven’t really stuck with any. I’m thinking of putting a bit of time into Borderlands 2 again and finally finishing all the DLC and Head Hunter packs for at least the initial playthrough.

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