Grave Descend by Michael Crichton

grave-descendGrave Descend by Michael Crichton (Hard Case Crime, Amazon UK, Amazon US) was originally written and released under his pen name of John Lange, though is now back on the shelves from Hard Case Crime under his real name. Telling a tale of mystery on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, McGregor is hired to salvage and lift a sunken yacht, with details presented to him that are all too tidy for his liking. Not one to simply do as he’s told, McGregor starts to look into the account of the sinking, and the stories he hears don’t match up. With questions at every turn, McGregor knows that there is much more to the apparent sinking than he’s being told.

What Grave Descend does is deliver a quick, highly readable, and thoroughly light mystery where the reader is merely along for the ride. Other than McGregor most characters are there to serve a purpose rather than let us get to know them, and they suit the style and story well. Speaking of which, the story is interesting and very much has that ‘one-more-chapter’ feel, begging you to rush on to the ending. You won’t find a deep and meaningful story here, but for a short and entertaining read you could do a lot worse.

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