Half-Year Reading Update

I thought I’d do a little update on my reading so far this year. I’ve actually had a remarkably good six months, with 35 books having been read – I say books, but some are novellas, though I’m still counting them in the total. I’ve broken it down below.

Total Books Read: 35
I’m very happy with this total so far – it’s more than I read all of last year and puts me pretty much on course to read my goal of 6 books per month.

Male Authors: 33.5
Female Authors: 1.5

The female authors on the list come from Lois McMaster Bujold (The Warrior’s Apprentice) and Jane Lindskold (co-author of Fire Season, hence the 0.5). I suspect that this statistic may cause issues with some readers out there – I won’t go into detail as to why that figure is so low because I suspect that, in their eyes, I’d be wrong in my reasoning. By year-end I imagine that the ratio will be higher, but we shall wait and see.

Sci-Fi: 30
Fantasy: 2
Horror: 1
Urban Fantasy: 1
Mystery: 1

No surprises here. My reading for the rest of the year will continue to be a majority of Sci-Fi, though I expect some more Urban Fantasy – maybe even a Fantasy or two – to make it on to the list.

ARC: 11
Purchased: 24

I’m not too surprised at this ratio either, though I thought that I’d have read more ARCs. Looking at the list I can see that my reading is a mixture of old and new, and I do like catching up with old favourites.

2013 Release: 7
Pre-2013 Release: 28

Perhaps this could be higher, but it isn’t. I know there are more new releases due out over the coming months that I will be reading, and expect the % of 2013 books to grow.

Below you can see the full list of novels I’ve read since January, with links to the reviews where available. I’m still writing up some reviews for a handful of these books, but don’t expect one for all of them…

Sliding Void by Hunt, Stephen
New York Blues by Brown, Eric
The Parasite by Asher, Neal
Endymion by Simmons, Dan
The Iron Jackal by Wooding, Chris
The Wind Through The Keyhole by King, Stephen
Salem’s Lot by King, Stephen
A Jar of Wasps by Villazon, Luis
The Duke’s Dish by Struben, Bernd
Under The Dome by King, Stephen
One Bare Foot by Struben, Bernd
The Daylight War by Brett, Peter V
The Serene Invasion by Brown, Eric
Wool by Howey, Hugh
Fire Season by Weber, David & Lindskold, Jane
The Warrior’s Apprentice by Bujold, Lois McMaster
Zenn Scarlett by Schoon, Christian
Great North Road by Hamilton, Peter F
New York Dreams by Brown, Eric
Starship: Mutiny by Resnick, Mike
Starship: Pirate by Resnick, Mike
The Angels of Life and Death by Brown, Eric
Starship: Mercenary by Resnick, Mike
Starship: Rebel by Resnick, Mike
The Planet Thieves by Krokos, Dan
Starship: Flagship by Resnick, Mike
The Eyre Affair by Fforde, Jasper
Space Captain Smith by Frost, Toby
The Human Division by Scalzi, John
Starship Winter by Brown, Eric
Sympathy for the Devil by Gustainis, Justin
Starship Spring by Brown, Eric
Joyland by King, Stephen
The Android’s Dream by Scalzi, John
God Emperor of Didcot by Frost, Toby

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