June 2017

June was honeymoon month, something I’ve been looking forward to since the wedding last year. The cruise was great and we visited some amazing places (Oporto, Barcelona, Villefrance/Monaco, Rome, Naples/Pompeii, Cartagena, Gibraltar), but it was also quite tiring and non-stop on the port days. I did manage to get a fair amount of reading done, and the balcony view (see featured image) was an amazing place to relax.

Books Read
Only 9 books read in June, a somewhat quiet month. This was mainly due to me being away the first two weeks where I read 8 of these books, then back to reality with a bang. After that I decided to tackles King’s behemoth, The Stand, which took up the rest of the month!
2017-5151. Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King – this was the audiobook version so only had 5 stories, but they were good. It was also the first time I’d read The Little Sisters of Eluria, a Dark Tower story, and well worth the cost alone!
2017-5252. Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis – the first in the Occult Crimes Unit series, and one I read and reviewed on release back in 2011. I wanted something different and fun for a holiday read, and this ticked the box.
2017-5353. Game Night by Jonny Nexus – here’s a fun fantasy novel about Gods role-playing with their world. It’s got a decent story that is full of humour and surprises, with many nods to the genre and RPG’s. Well worth a read.
2017-5454. Evil Dark by Justin Gustainis – the second Occult Crimes Unit novel, and just as much fun as the first. I did read this one on publication in 2012, but I never reviewed it. It carries the story forward well despite the dark and disturbing subject nature of the crimes committed.
2017-5555. Veiled Alliances by Kevin J Anderson – after reading Anderson’s Saga of Shadows I decided I wanted to start his Saga of Seven Suns (which I probably should have read first). This is a prequel novel to that series and really got me in the mood for it (I’m already on Hidden Empire).
2017-5656. The Boy on the Bridge by M.R. Carey – the prequel to The Girl with All the Gifts, and one I was worried would re-tread the same ground. However, while it does to an extent, it also delivers new content that really propels the story along. And that epilogue…
2017-5757. Known Devil by Justin Gustainis – the finale to the Occult Crimes Unit series, and a great read, perhaps the best of the three. While it ties everything up, it also leaves the setting open for more books, and I will live in hope that we’ll see something eventually.
2017-5858. Barsk by Lawrence M Schoen – I’m not sure where I heard of this book, but I do know I heard very good things about it. I must admit took a while for me to get thoroughly drawn into the world and have a grasp on all aspects, but when I did I just couldn’t put it down. Different, yet very relatable too.
2017-5959. The Stand by Stephen King – is there anything I can say about this book that hasn’t been said before? Probably not, but damn, what a story. So in-depth and such a realistic view at what could happen to society given that type of epidemic. Add in the supernatural and fantasy elements and what you have is likely King’s best novel, and certainly one of my favourites.

Reviews Posted
No reviews in June, mainly as I’d caught up by the end of May and hadn’t got around to any before going on holiday. I have some books waiting to be read for review, but it’s likely to be a while before they get read due to real life being rather busy.

Movies Watched
Power Rangers – what a disappointment. While it does retain some of the charm of the original, it also messes it up pretty badly. Not a fan.
The Girl with All the Gifts – a re-watch after reading The Boy on the Bridge, and I loved it once again.
Life – not what I expected, but a good take on a subject that has been done to death.
Wonder Woman – definitely the best DC film to date (edging out Suicide Squad), and it leaves me with hope that they may be hitting their stride.
Get Out – a film I went into not knowing anything about the story, and it was definitely the right choice. Great stuff.
Baby Driver – Edgar Wright’s new film, and a good one. I was hoping/expecting more car chases, but the character focused story balanced it out nicely.

TV Shows Watched
Iron Fist (season 1) – probably the worst of the Marvel Netflix TV shows. The fighting wasn’t as exciting as I’d have hoped given Iron Fist’s supposed skills, and it was just really boring. A shame, the origin story could have been very good indeed.

Games Played
Zelda: Breath of the Wild – back to this now after a break, and I’ve re-started it and progressing nicely. I really do love this game.

Other Stuff
Life is busy. Very busy. I really don’t have much else to say at the moment, but check back next month for a further update…

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