Master of Formalities by Scott Meyer


master-of-formalitiesMaster of Formalities by Scott Meyer was a book I was very much looking forward to, and one I enjoyed despite it not meeting the expectations that his Magic 2.0 series left me with. Full review at SFFWorld.

There is plenty going on in Master of Formalities despite it being set almost entirely on Apios. We follow House Jakabitus and its staff as they deal with the arrival of the heir to the Hahn Empire, a people that they have been at war with for countless years with no end in sight. However, the situation may now change with Master Hennik there, and it’s down to those running the household to do what they can to accommodate him. With centuries of traditions and many requirements, the staff of House Jakabitus have their hands full, and Wollard, their Master of Formalities, is the one in charge of them all, ensuring that etiquette is adhered to at all times.

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