November 2016

November has gone by quickly, which is a good thing as I’m starting to get a little tired and drained as the year draws ever slowly to a close…

Books Read
Another 9 books read this month to take me to almost my yearly total from last year. I put my goal for this year down at 120, which I thought was doable considering I’d hit that for the past two years, but looks like I’m on for another best year of reading.
119. Horizon by Tabitha Lord – a great self-published effort and one I reviewed fully (see below for link).
120. Bloodmage by Stephen Aryan – a re-read of this novel for two reasons: 1, to refresh my memory so I could write up a review and 2, a refresh ready for the last book in the trilogy. I’ve not finished that review or started the third book yet, but soon…
121. Now We Are Ten edited by Ian Whates – I think this may be the first anthology I’ve read for some time, and quite enjoyable too. Link to full review below.
122. Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult – my wife loves Jodi Picoult and I booked tickets for her to go to an event for the release of her new novel. I read this in preparation for going, but in the end she went with a friend who also reads her novel. Suffice to say this was excellent and, if the topic is right, I can see myself reading many more from her.
123. Survival Game by Gary Gibson – the semi-sequel to Extinction Game (but can be read on its own). Very good, but it does leave the reader with questions about this setting, some left unresolved (but acknowledged) from the first book.
124. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers – I loved this when I firt read it, and I wanted to re-read ready for the sequel, which I went straight on to.
125. A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers – the aforementioned sequel, and while good, it just didn’t hit quite the right buttons for me with a much narrower focus.
126. Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz – a collection of 3 e-shorts that form a short novel and set before Odd Apocalypse, the fifth book. Interesting, and it expands the series from a thriller/supernatural mash-up to include a little SF in the mix.
127. Willful Child: Wrath of Betty by Steven Erikson – the second Willful Child book, and a blast – but one I suspect will either be loved or hated. It can be a little OTT, but ultimately the smile it put on my face ticked my boxes.

Reviews Posted
A couple of reviews this month after a dry month in October. I suspect these might be my last two of the year…
Horizon by Tabitha Lord – as previously mentioned, a great little self-published novel that reall did work with its central characters. However, it did have its flaws.
Now We Are Ten edited by Ian Whates – some great stories here, particularly by Eric Brown, Bryony Pearce, EJ Swift, and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Movies Watched
Jack Reacher (better than I was expecting), John Wick (hell yeah!), Dead Rising: Endgame (the first was good, this was not), Edge of Tomorrow (an excellent SF movie), Sausage Party (WTF?), Independence Day: Resurgence (pretty poor), Suicide Squad (better than I expected), The Condemned 2 (truly, truly awful), Jason Bourne (an okay entry into the franchise), Doctor Strange (great magical stuff for the MCU), Arrival (hands down the best film I’ve seen this year), Southbound (a nice little horror anthology).

Games Played
Skyrim Special Edition – yes, still playing this, and I suspect that I’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Racked up over 100 hours over the various games I’ve started, but now up to 40+ hours on my current save, and fortunately it’s one I’m more than happy with.

Other Stuff
Quite honestly, November has been a crappy month. I’ve done no exercise, I’m eating horrendously, and I have no motivation to do a damned thing other than sit on my backside and watch movies, play games, and do generally nothing of interest. I’m getting to the point of self-loathing, but can’t quite manage to dig myself out of this pit I’m in and make positive changes. Argh!

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