November 2017

Despite having a week where I did next to nothing due to illness, November was a productive month. I managed to finish all DIY and the carpets are finally going down! All that is needed not is some furniture rearranging and tidying up, then relax – cannot wait. I might even be able to start reading for review again…

Books Read
6 books read this month, but still a good one considering the length of some of them:
96. The Skull Throne by Peter V Brett – I’m going to say that this is the weakest of the Demon Cycle books. I didn’t particularly care for much of it, and there was way too little focus on Arlen & Jadir.
97. The Core by Peter V Brett – the big finale to the Demon Cycle, and while there were some stand out moments, it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. Add the fact that Brett was clearly laying the groundwork for a future sequel series and I was generally left indifferent.
98. It by Stephen King – given the film release this year (which I still haven’t got to) I really wanted to read the book. I did read It once many years ago, probably in my teens, yet I had forgot a lot about it. Still, and excellent novel and one of King’s best.
99. Will Save the Galaxy for Food by Yahtzee Croshaw – a satirical sci-fi adventure that balanced story vs comedy quite well, but ultimately a forgettable tale.
100. Infinite by Jeremy Robinson – a surprise find and one that kept me reading to find out what happens next and where the story will go. Very interesting premise, and done well too.
101. Defiance by Joel Shepherd – Shepherd’s fourth book in his Spiral Wars series, and once again he delivers the goods. This is a really good Space Opera series that ticks my boxes. Looking forward to the next installment.

Reviews Posted
A couple of reviews in November, but they were ones that had been sat in draft for a few months and I finally got to them and finished them off. Both by Neal Asher, these were Brass Man and Polity Agent, the third and fourth Agent Cormac books in his excellent Polity setting. Asher is, without a doubt, in my top 5 SF writers, and here are two books that show off his skill. Great stuff.

Movies Watched
I managed to watch more movies than I hoped for this month, mainly due to the week I was laid up with dizzy spells and headaches. So, what were they? The Dark Tower, a huge disappointment in almost every aspect; 1922, an excellent film with incredible acting from Thomas Jane; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, a re-watch, but so much fun; My Pet Dinosaur, a low-budget one, and better than I thought it would be; The Lost City of Z, a good film, but made all the better for Charlie Hunnam’s performance in it; Transformers: The Last Knight, what a mahoosive pile of m crap; The Mummy, a much better film than the reviews led me to believe; The Fog, a classic of the genre, but not quite as scary as I would have liked; Death Note, nowhere near as good as the anime, but done well nonetheless; The Crazies, mindless zombie-esque fun; The World’s End, not my favourite of the Cornetto films, but still good fun; Thor: Ragnarok, way more fun than should be allowed on film!

TV Shows Watched
I caught Marvel’s Inhumans this month, and while it wasn’t as good as it could have been, it was better than I’d heard. It’s a shame the story wasn’t a little tighter, and the plot holes a littles less noticeable.

Games Played
No gaming in November…

Other Stuff
I’m looking forward to finally getting the bookshelves at home sorted now, 4 months after moving in to the new house and spending that time decorating. The wife and I are going full OCD and sorting them into alphabetical order too! And I so want to spend some time gaming…

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