October 2018

October is a month that is always busy with work, what with all students back full time and a couple of weekend open days – at the start of October I had two scheduled days off all month. I did have a day of illness spent in bed, and desperately had to book couple of days off at the end to catch up on rest, but I’m still exhausted. Lots of things have had to take a back seat because of this, but I’m always hopeful life will calm down…

Books Read
A very slow month in October due to the above, with perhaps my worst reading month in years. 3 books:

  1. Sea of Rust by C Robert Cargill – enjoyed this one quite a lot and it had a very interesting world and history that led to the extinction of humanity. The ending was also left open enough for more novels, despite being a solid closing to the story.
  2. Uncompromising Honor by David Weber – as a fan of this series, I did enjoy the book. However, I have issues with it – mainly the fact that it’s 90% talking heads, 10% action. Not what I expected, and the action that did take place was 95% predictable. It doesn’t help that Weber has got the characters, setting, and events to the point where he has to spend lots of time time going from one to the other, covering the big picture enough so it all ties together.
  3. The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend – another quick one and a re-read from my teenage years. Not much different to the first, and engaging enough to keep the pages turning.

Reviews Posted
No reviews this month.

Movies Watched
With my home cinema set up I decided to spend what little downtime I had to myself watching some films. Upgrade was better than expected with a nice twist; Venom was an actual cinema trip, and it was entertaining enough despite one glaring plot hole and some dodgy CGI; Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was so much better than I expected based on poor reviews, and kept me entertained throughout; Tau was an interesting if slow movie, though perhaps somewhat forgettable; Tomb Raider was some good fun, and nice reboot to the series; Solo: A Star Wars Story was infinitely better than I expected and was a joy to watch; Annihilation was okay, though I wasn’t a massive fan of the book either; Halloween (the original 1978 version) was a good look at the origins of slasher movies; Extinction was rather generic, but the twist worked very well; and Annabelle: Creation – it was what I wanted, something a little scary to watch on Halloween.

TV Shows Watched
The Expanse (season 3) – this show just goes from strength to strength, and possible one of the best SF shows I’ve ever watched. I know they’ll be a break before season 4 rolls around, but damn I can’t wait to watch it.
Castle Rock (season 1) – a very interesting show that, overall, managed to nail the atmosphere just right. There were some ups and downs, but good stuff nonetheless.

Games Played
I tried to dip in and out of Skyrim again, but time was against me…

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