September 2017

Another busy month in September, and the time I was hoping to find just didn’t materialise. Still lots to do in the house, and I’m still not fully recovered after my injury. Starting to feel somewhat guilty for my lack of blogging and reviewing, but there really isn’t much I can do about it quite yet…

Books Read
10 books in September, with a few of those being novellas that I blasted through. I’m also trying to finish Anderson’s Saga of Seven Suns
76. Caine’s Law by Matthew Woodring Stover – I have no idea what to say about this book. I can’t decide if it’s amazing, or completely insane. Probably a little of both, to be honest. Still, always good to visit Caine.
77. Run Program by Scott Meyer – a disappointing novel from Meyer despite it being enjoyable enough.
78. After The Crown by K.B. Wagers – I loved Behind The Throne, and this sequel took those events and expanded on them nicely. I cannot wait for the last book in this trilogy.
79. Horizon Storms by Kevin J Anderson – the third Saga of Seven Suns book. Enjoyable enough, though I do have little issues with this series.
80. Acadie by Dave Hutchinson – I loved this novella so much. Highly recommended.
81. The Ghost Line by Andrew Neil Gray & J.S. Herbison – a good ghost ship novel with a finish that both satisfied and didn’t…
82. All Systems Red by Martha Wells – the first Murderbot novella, and great fun. Looking forward to the release of the next ones.
83. Scattered Suns by Kevin J Anderson – the fourth Saga of Seven Suns book. Again, enjoyable enough.
84. Of Fire and Night by Kevin J Anderson – the fifth Saga of Seven Suns book. A partial conclusion, yet not quite satisfying – hoping the las two books resolve that.
85. Metal Swarm by Kevin J Anderson – the sixth Saga of Seven Suns book. Building up to the grand finale, and I’m looking forward to it even though some minor issues with the series have become larger as its progressed.

Reviews Posted
Three mini-reviews posted here in September: Run Program by Scott Meyer, Acadie by Dave Hutchinson, and The Ghost Line by Andrew Neil Gray & J.S. Herbison. Three quick reads and reviews, hence them being here rather than SFFWorld (plus Mark Yon already got to Acadie and The Ghost Line before me!).

Movies Watched
I watched Alien: Covenant again to see what my second thoughts on it would be: much the same, to be honest – disappointing. I also watched The Lego Batman Movie, which was much fun, plus It Comes At Night, a horror film that wasn’t that scary and rather lacklustre.

TV Shows Watched
The Defenders (season 1) – it was great to see all four heroes together in this miniseries. Nice and quick, not lagging too much, yet able to devote time to each of the characters. I still have issues with Iron Fist, but there we go.
The Tick (season 1) – a great series despite being unsure when I went into it. Looking forward to more new Tick episodes next year.
The Stand (miniseries) – after I read the book I decided to give this a go as it was generally well received. I think it’s a good miniseries, but the book had so much more to it. It seemed it picked the main plot points from the book, but didn’t quite delve into them enough. Still, worth a watch.

Games Played
Borderlands 2 – here’s a game that I can pick up and play at any time, and I love it. I started it again a while back and was playing through with Gaige before life took over, so continuing with that was good. Finished the main story and all side quests, so now on to the DLCs.

Other Stuff
Once again, there really isn’t much else to add here – it’s mainly SSDD.

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