September 2018

I meant to post this much sooner in the month – and though I had – but there we go. Issues with the site, and just being so busy, let this slip. Anyway, September, as had been the case much of this year, went by way too quickly. Busy work, busy life… just busy busy busy. But it was my birthday, so while another year older it was nice to celebrate it with a mahoosive pizza.

Books Read
8 books in September, more than I hoped, and some good ones in there too:

  1. Semiosis by Sue Burke –given how many good things I’d heard about this book, I was slightly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, this is very good and the idea of sentient plant life and humans adapting to live on Pax with the story being told over 6 or so generations was well executed. But I just expected a little more from it. The way the story is told over generations works much better than in other novels I’ve read, and it flowed from person to person very well. I’d certainly be up for further stories to see what happened after the end of this…
  2. Only Human by Sylvain Neuvel – I finally got around to reading this, the final book in his Themis Files trilogy. I liked it, and it closed off the series well. However, it wasn’t as good as the first two books, and the way the focus seemed to narrow to a few characters and the situation they are in contributed to this feeling. I was also somewhat disappointed with the whole alien side of the story, but couldn’t really say why. I did enjoy it though, and I think the series is a great read.
  3. Roboteer by Alex Lamb – a re-read here as I realised the whole series is out and I never got to the two sequels. I reviewed this one back in 2016 and enjoyed it then, with reservations, but seem to enjoy more this time around. I’m very much looking forward to getting to the second and third books!
  4. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ by Sue Townsend – I have no idea how I came to read this, but I had very fond memories from my early teenage years of this one. Is it still good? Yes, though somewhat dated and I’m not sure it would suit the current generation because of this. I plan on reading all the Adrian Mole books relatively soon…
  5. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde – another re-read, and a book I remember enjoying a lot when I first read it, but I never did move on to book two. This re-read has refreshed my memory and I’ve got the second lined up to read next month. I hope.
  6. Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia – the second Monster Hunter Internationalbook. I loved the first book and also enjoyed this one a fair amount, but had some minor issues with the way Pitt, the POV main character, is somewhat overpowered. I do like that the story is progressing and the lore is being built nicely, so book 3 is on the stack to be read soon.
  7. Dislocations by Eric Brown & Keith Brooke – this is the first of a quartet of novellas looking at the first mission/journey to a habitable planet to set up a colony, with the members of the mission being clones with imprinted memories of the originals. An interesting idea that I’ve seen before, and while only a short novella and good enough, I think it will be a better read with the rest of the Kon Tikiquartet once they’re all out.
  8. Planetside by Michael Mammay – this was an interesting novel that started off as a military investigation before switching it up halfway through. It was enjoyable enough, though the ending was a little abrupt. Another I’d be interested to read a sequel to.

Reviews Posted
Salvation by Peter F Hamilton – my most eagerly anticipated novel of 2018, and while not perfect, it’s exactly the type of novel to expect from Hamilton. I’ve read it twice now and enjoyed it more the second time knowing what was coming and seeing the pieces move into place.

Movies Watched
Watched Deadpool 2 again now it’s out and found it just as good the second time around, though still not as good as the first. Skyscraper with Dwayne Johnson was a fun action film, if a little predictable. I decided to re-watch Predators after a friend told me it was the closest to The Predator, and I enjoyed it again, then I headed to the cinema to watch The Predator and left entirely disappointed. I got myself cheap home cinema set up with birthday money and used it to re-watch Alien: Covenant – I enjoyed it more this time around too, though still have plenty of issues with the way they tackled the xenomorph origins. The House with a Clock in its Walls was another quick cinema trip and enjoyable for what it was.

TV Shows Watched
Riverdale (season 1) – this was a pleasant surprise for me, and although I’m only vaguely aware of the comics on which the show is based, I wasn’t expecting things quite so dark and adult. Big thumbs up – roll on season 2.

Games Played
Skyrim SE – I’ve tentatively started Skyrim again, though I know I have little time to play games at the moment. I was hoping it would be a blast with the new home cinema setup, but the projector isn’t quite there to really enjoy it. Still, I hope to really immerse myself in this over the coming months.

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