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The Forever War, an appreciation by Peter F Hamilton

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Abnett, Dan – First and Only
Abnett, Dan – Titanicus
Abnett, Dan – Doctor Who: The Story of Martha
Abnett, Dan – Blood Pact
Adams, Guy – Torchwood: The House That Jack Built
Ahmed, Saladin – Throne of the Crescent Moon
Anderson, Poul – Tau Zero
Aryan, Stephen – Battlemage
Aryan, Stephen – Bloodmage
Aryan, Stephen – Of Gods and Men
Asher, Neal – The Engineer ReConditioned
Asher, Neal – Gridlinked
Asher, Neal – The Line of Polity
Asher, Neal – Cowl
Asher, Neal – Brass Man
Asher, Neal – Prador Moon
Asher, Neal – Polity Agent
Asher, Neal – Hilldiggers
Asher, Neal – Shadow of the Scorpion
Asher, Neal – The Gabble and Other Stories
Asher, Neal – Line War
Asher, Neal – Orbus
Asher, Neal – The Technician
Asher, Neal – The Departure
Asher, Neal – Zero Point
Asher, Neal – Jupiter War
Asher, Neal – War Factory
Ashley, Mike – The Mammoth Book of Mind Blowing SF
Asimov, Isaac – Foundation

Ballantyne, Tony – Twisted Metal
Ballantyne, Tony – Dream London
Barclay, James – Vault of Deeds
Bear, Greg – Eon
Beckett, Chris – The Holy Machine
Benn, Mitch – Terra’s World
Bennett, Natasha – War of the Soulites
Benson, Julian – Invaders from Beyond
Bischoff, David – Hunter’s Planet
Bischoff, David & Sheckley, Robert – The Complete Aliens Omnibus Volume 2
Bisson, Terry – Planet of Mystery
Bockoven, Mike – FantasticLand
Brett, Peter V – The Warded Man
Brett, Peter V – The Great Bazaar
Brett, Peter V – The Desert Spear
Brett, Peter V – Brayan’s Gold
Brett, Peter V – The Daylight War
Brin, David – Sundiver
Brooke, Keith – The Accord
Brooks, Terry – The High Druid’s Blade
Brown, Eric – Meridian Days
Brown, Eric – The Fall of Tartarus
Brown, Eric – Approaching Omega
Brown, Eric – Starship Summer
Brown, Eric – Kethani
Brown, Eric – Necropath
Brown, Eric – Xenopath
Brown, Eric – Cosmopath
Brown, Eric – Starship Fall
Brown, Eric – Engineman
Brown, Eric – Starship Winter
Brown, Eric – The Kings of Eternity
Brown, Eric – Weird Space: The Devil’s Nebula
Brown, Eric – The Serene Invasion
Brown, Eric – Weird Space: Satan’s Reach
Brown, Eric – Salvage
Brown, Eric – Famadihana on Fomalhaut IV
Brown, Eric – Jani and the Greater Game
Brown, Eric & McCormack, Una – Weird Space: The Baba Yaga
Brown, Eric – Binary
Brown, E.M. – Buying Time
Buckell, Tobias – Crystal Rain
Buckell, Tobias – Ragamuffin
Buckell, Tobias – Sly Mongoose
Buckell, Tobias – The Apocalypse Ocean
Buettner, Robert – Orphanage
Buettner, Robert – Orphan’s Destiny
Buettner, Robert – Orphan’s Journey
Buettner, Robert – Orphan’s Alliance
Butcher, Jim – Storm Front
Butcher, Jim – Skin Game
Butcher, Jim – The Aeronaut’s Windlass
Butcher, Jim – Working For Bigfoot

Campbell, Jack – Dauntless
Campbell, Jack – Fearless
Campbell, Jack – Courageous
Campbell, Jack – Valiant, Relentless, Victorious
Campbell, Jack – Dreadnaught
Campbell, Jack – Invincible
Campbell, Jack – Guardian
Campbell, Jack – Steadfast
Campbell, Jack – Leviathan
Campbell, Jack – Vanguard
Card, Orson Scott – Ender’s Game
Card, Orson Scott – Ender in Exile
Chambers, Becky – The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Charlton, Blake – Spellwright
Christopher, Adam – The Burning Dark
Chu, Wesley – Time Salvager
Chu, Wesley – The Days of Tao
Clarke, Arthur C – Rendezvous with Rama
Cline, Ernest – Ready Player One
Cline, Ernest – Armada
Cobley, Mike – Seeds of Earth
Cobley, Mike – The Orphaned Worlds
Cogman, Genevieve – The Invisible Library
Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games
Collins, Suzanne – Catching Fire
Collins, Suzanne – Mockingjay
Cooper, Elspeth – Songs of the Earth
Corey, James S A – Leviathan Wakes
Corey, James S A – Caliban’s War
Crichton, Michael – Grave Descend
Cummings, Sean – Poltergeeks

Dansky, Richard – Firefly Rain
David, Peter & Furth, Robin – The Gunslinger Born
David, Peter & Furth, Robin – The Long Road Home
de Pierres, Marianne – Nylon Angel
de Pierres, Marianne – Dark Space
de Pierres, Marianne – Chaos Space
de Pierres, Marianne – Mirror Space
de Pierres, Marianne – Glitter Rose
de Pierres, Marianne – Peacemaker
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron – Cadian Blood
Dickinson, John – WE
Doctorow, Cory – Makers
Donaldson, Stephen – The Real Story
Dow, Michael – Dark Matters
Dozois, Gardner – Galactic Empires

Edelman, David Louis – Infoquake
Erikson, Steven – Willful Child
Esselmont, Ian C – Night of Knives

Flint, Erik & Spoor, Ryk E – Boundary
Frost, Toby – Space Captain Smith
Frost, Toby – God-Emperor of Didcot
Frost, Toby – Wrath of the Lemming-Men

Gibson, Gary – Angel Stations
Gibson, Gary – Stealing Light
Gibson, Gary – Nova War
Gibson, Gary – Final Days
Gibson, Gary – Extinction Game
Golden, Christopher – Alien: River of Pain
Grant, Mira – Feed
Gunn, David – Death’s Head
Gunn, David – Death’s Head: Maximum Offense
Gunn, David- Death’s Head: Day of the Damned
Gustainis, Justin – Hard Spell

Haldeman, Joe – The Forever War
Hamilton, Peter F – Mindstar Rising
Hamilton, Peter F – Watching Trees Grow
Hamilton, Peter F – Fallen Dragon
Hamilton, Peter F – Misspent Youth
Hamilton, Peter F – Pandora’s Star
Hamilton, Peter F – Judas Unchained
Hamilton, Peter F – The Dreaming Void
Hamilton, Peter F – The Temporal Void
Hamilton, Peter F – The Evolutionary Void
Hamilton, Peter F – The Demon Trap
Hamilton, Peter F – Manhattan in Reverse
Hamilton, Peter F – Great North Road
Hamilton, Peter F – The Abyss Beyond Dreams
Hamilton, Peter F – A Window Into Time
Hamilton, Peter F – Night Without Stars
Hamilton, Peter F – Salvation
Harris, Charlaine – Midnight Crossroad
Hartley, AJ – Act of Will
Harvey, Colin – Winter Song
Hemry, John G – JAG in Space
Hines, Jim C – Terminal Alliance
Horton, Ben – Monster Republic
Howard, Jonathan L – Katya’s World
Howey, Hugh – Wool
Hughes, Matthew – Of Whimsies and Noubles

Jeapes, Ben – Phoenicia’s Worlds
Jones, Geoff – The Dinosaur Four

King, Stephen – The Gunslinger
King, Stephen – The Drawing of the Three
King, Stephen – The Waste Lands
King, Stephen – Cell
King, Stephen – UR
King, Stephen – The Wind Through The Keyhole
King, Stephen – Mr Mercedes
King, Stephen – Joyland
Koboldt, Dan – The Rogue Retrieval
Koboldt, Dan – The Island Deception
Koboldt, Dan – The World Awakening
Kress, Nancy – Yesterday’s Kin
Krokos, Dan – The Planet Thieves
Kyme, Nick & Priestley, Lindsey – Heroes of the Space Marines

Lamb, Alex – Roboteer
Lebbon, Tim – Predator: Incursion
Litt, Toby – Journey Into Space
Lord, Tabitha – Horizon
Lynch, Scott – The Lies of Locke Lamora

Major, Tim – Invaders from Beyond
Mann, George – The Solaris Book of New SF 3
McMaster Bujold, Lois – The Warrior’s Apprentice
Meyer, Scott – Off to Be the Wizard
Meyer, Scott – An Unwelcome Quest
Meyer, Scott – Master of Formalities
Mieville, China – The City and The City
Moody, David – Autumn
Moody, David – Autumn: The City
Moore, James A. – Alien: Sea of Sorrows
Morgan, Richard – Altered Carbon
Morris, Mark – Torchwood: Bay of the Dead
Morris, Jonathan – Touched by an Angel

Neuvel, Sylvain – Waking Gods
Nuttall, Christopher – The Oncoming Storm

Palmer, Philip – Red Claw
Parkin, Lance – Doctor Who: The Eyeless
Perry, Steve & Stephani – Prey
Perry, Steve – The Complete Aliens Omnibus Volume 1
Powell, Gareth – Silversands
Powell, Gareth L – Ack-Ack Macaque
Powell, Gareth L – Hive Monkey
Powell, Gareth L – Macaque Attack
Pratchett, Terry – The Colour of Magic

Ransom, Christopher – The Birthing House
Redick, Robert VS – The Red Wolf Conspiracy
Redick, Robert VS – The Rats and the Ruling Sea
Resnick, Mike – Starship Mutiny
Resnick, Mike – Starship Pirate
Resnick, Mike – Starship Mercenary
Resnick, Mike – Starship Rebel
Resnick, Mike – Starship Flagship
Reynolds, Alastair – House of Suns
Reynolds, Alastair – Terminal World
Reynolds, Alastair – Slow Bullets
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Name of the Wind
Rusch, Kristin Kathryn – Diving Into The Wreck

Sandford, John & Ctein – Saturn Run
Sawyer, Robert J – Flashforward
Sawyer, Robert J – Wake
Sawyer, Robert J – Watch
Scalzi, John – Old Man’s War
Scalzi, John – The Ghost Brigades
Scalzi, John – The Last Colony
Scalzi, John – Zoe’s Tale
Scalzi, John – The Human Division
Scalzi, John – Fuzzy Nation
Scalzi, John – Redshirts
Scalzi, John – Lock In
Schofield, Sandy and Perry, Stephani – The Complete Aliens Omnibus Volume 3
Schoon, Christian – Zenn Scarlett
Schreiber, Joe – Star Wars Death Troopers
Sheehan, Anna – A Long, Long Sleep
Sheehan, Anna – No Life But This
Shirley, John – Borderlands: Unconquered
Shusterman, Neal – Everlost
Simmons, Dan – Hyperion
Sinclair, Colin – Invaders from Beyond
Smith, Gavin – Veteran
Smith, Gavin – The Bastard Legion
Steele, Allen – Arkwright
Stewart, Paul & Riddell, Chris – Wyrmeweald: Returner’s Wealth
Stross, Charles – The Nightmare Stacks
Struben, Bernd – 40 Years
Struben, Bernd – The Duke’s Dish & One Bare Foot
Suarez, Daniel – Daemon

Thomas, L E – Star Runners

VanderMeer, Jeff – Predator: South China Sea
VanderMeer, Ann & Jeff – Fast Ships, Black Sails
Villazon, Luis – A Jar of Wasps

Weber, David – On Basilisk Station
Weber, David – The Honor of the Queen
Weber, David – The Short Victorious War
Weber, David – Field of Dishonor
Weber, David – Out of the Dark
Weber, David – A Beautiful Friendship
Weber, David & Lindskold, Jane – Fire Season
Weber, David & Lindskold, Jane – Treecat Wars
Weber, David & Zahn, Timothy – A Call to Duty
Whates, Ian – The Noise Within
Whates, Ian – Now We Are Ten
Whedon, Josh – Those Left Behind & Better Days
White, Alex – Alien: The Cold Forge
Williams, Liz – Winterstrike
Williams, Sean – Saturn Returns
Williams, Sean – Cenotaxis
Williams, Sean – Earth Ascendant
Williams, Sean – The Grand Conjunction
Williams, Walter Jon – Implied Spaces
Williams, Walter Jon – This Is Not A Game
Wilson, Robert Charles – Last Year
Wooding, Chris – Retribution Falls
Wooding, Chris – The Black Lung Captain
Wooding, Chris – The Iron Jackal

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz – The Prince of Mist
Zahn, Timothy – Heir to the Empire
Zahn, Timothy – Dark Force Rising
Zahn, Timothy – The Domino Pattern
Zou, Henry – Emperor’s Mercy


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An interview with Tony Ballantyne (2009)
An interview with Mike Cobley (2009)
An interview with Marianne de Pierres (2008)
An interview with Peter F Hamilton (2008)
An interview with Stephen Aryan (2015)

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