Stealing Light by Gary Gibson

It is the 25th century and the Consortium spreads out over an area of space in the orion arm. Although humanity do not have the capability to use ftl travel, a species called the Shoal do, and are the only species in the galaxy with that know-how. They happily transport humans within the area they have been designated, but they also put strict limits within the agreement they have with humans, one among many being the prohibition of research into ftl travel. Continue reading “Stealing Light by Gary Gibson”

Death’s Head by David Gunn

Sven Tveskoeg is a legionnaire on a backwater planet, a self-healer and a tough son of a bitch with an artificial arm. When his base is attacked by the ruthless animal-like Ferox he is taken their prisoner and lives with them, a strained relationship at best. Sven is able to understand the Ferox, something that nobody thought was possible. When he is eventually rescued, interest in him is raised and a high ranking officer in Death’s Head (a high level special forces outfit) has plans for him. Sven is not one to pussy-foot around and answers bluntly to anyone that questions him, the sort of attitude that other Death’s Head officers despise and he makes no friends because of this – the only reason he is tolerated is because it is General Jaxx that essentially head-hunted him. Continue reading “Death’s Head by David Gunn”

Prador Moon by Neal Asher

The human Polity, a society run by AI’s with technology allowing them to travel instantaneously throughout the galaxy through the use of Runcibles, planet based systems that are run by the AI’s. The Polity lives in relative peace, but now the Prador, a species of huge crab-like creatures with technology equal to that of the Polity is discovered. The first meeting between the two has now been arranged and it is with this meeting that the true intentions of the Prador become apparent. Peace is not an option that they consider, they require the immediate surrender of humanity, starting with the station on which the meeting takes place. Continue reading “Prador Moon by Neal Asher”

Angel Stations by Gary Gibson

Angel Stations: artifacts found around the galaxy that permit faster than light travel between them by travelling through the singularity it creates. These ancient structures were created by the Angels, a long gone race that have left many other interesting things throughout the stars. One of the Angel Stations is found in the oort cloud of our system and allows humanity to travel to other stations that are discovered. Continue reading “Angel Stations by Gary Gibson”

The Gunslinger Born by Peter David & Robin Furth

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is a seven book epic following the journey of gunslinger Roland Deschian on his quest to the Dark Tower. In book 4, Wizard and Glass, Roland tells of his youth and the time he became a true gunslinger. It is this story that we follow in The Gunslinger Born, a comic adaption of The Dark Tower overseen by Stephen King, drawn by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, adapted by Robin Furth and scripted by Peter David. The Gunslinger Born collects all seven of the comics that were released individually in one stunning hardback. Continue reading “The Gunslinger Born by Peter David & Robin Furth”

Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke

It’s 2130 and Rama, a cylindrical space vessel 50km long by 20km wide has arrived in our solar system. Humanity do not know what it is or where it has come from, only that it is artificial and is passing through our solar system before heading out into deep space again. The only human spaceship that can reach it in time is the Endeavor with its commanding officer Bill Norton. Continue reading “Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke”

Hunter’s Planet: Aliens Vs Predator by David Bischoff

Hunter’s Planet picks up some years after the ending of Prey, with Machiko now working for the company on one of its many planets after spending the time inbetween hunting with the yautja. She is approached by Livermore Evanston, a businessman who owns a planet: Hunter’s Planet. He wants to hire Machiko, plus pay off her company contract, to help with an alien problem and has already hired others that will form the team she will lead. She arrives on the planet just as events take a turn for the worst, although she knows something is not quite right from the moment she arrives. Continue reading “Hunter’s Planet: Aliens Vs Predator by David Bischoff”

Prey: Aliens Vs Predator by Steve Perry & Stephani Perry

Ryushi, a planet where just over 100 humans live, farming Rhynth that they then ship back to other human worlds. The planet is hot and dry, the heat from twin suns giving it a barren landscape, where the only valuable thing for humans is the Rhynth, four legged beasts not too disimilar to terran Rhinos. However, with the cargo ship due to collect the shipment a rancher discovers something strange, a spider-like creature with a tail, dead near part of his heard. Continue reading “Prey: Aliens Vs Predator by Steve Perry & Stephani Perry”

Hilldiggers by Neal Asher

Brumal & Sudoria, two planets in the same system inhabited by adapted humans with a bitter history. A war was fought over many years and 20 years ago Sudoria clenched victory through the use of their massive Hilldiggers, spaceships capable of creating huge disruptions on planetary surfaces. Although this victory led to peace time between the two planets, Sudoria still hold a strong presence and are effectively the dominant planet in the system. Not only do Fleet, Sudoria’s space presence in control of the Hilldiggers, protect Sudoria and are used as the main transport links for the planet throughout the system, but Orbital Combine also protect Sudoria through their orbital stations, both industrial, defensive and scientific. Continue reading “Hilldiggers by Neal Asher”

Cowl by Neal Asher

Cowl, the genetically modified preterhuman of the title, has traveled back to beyond the Nodus (where life first began) in an attempt to change the future of life on earth to suit his views. He checks his progress by sampling DNA from humans of the future that are bought back through time by use of a tor. These tors are distributed by the torbeast, Cowl’s pet, a huge monster that has been created to travel through time at will – providing it has enough energy, which it gets from devouring humans of the future. Continue reading “Cowl by Neal Asher”