Death’s Head: Day of the Damned by David Gunn

We start Day of the Damned with a little prologue with General Jaxx while he is waiting to meet OctoV, but he doesn’t show. This little scene sets up the story quite nicely, with OctoV apparently missing and General Jaxx the obvious figure at which to direct unrest on the Octovian Empire. We then catch up with Sven, taking leave on Farlight, the capital of the Empire, although the leave he is on comes to an abrupt end when civil unrest threatens the throne that OctoV has held for millenia. Although visiting friends away from the city, a chain of events is put in motion when the life of Vijayy Jaxx is put in danger and Sven must get back to Farlight and join up with the Aux to tackle the ever-growing problems there. Not only this, but the political maneuverings of the U/Free – a galaxy wide civilisation – are starting to bring down the empire that Sven knows and serves. Continue reading “Death’s Head: Day of the Damned by David Gunn”

Death’s Head: Maximum Offense by David Gunn

The first Death’s Head novel was a very pleasant surprise back in early 2008 (review) and I had always meant to get around to reading this sequel once it was out. Of course, many things stopped me from reading it at the time, but now with the mass market I finally got my teeth into it – and what a bite it was! Everything I expected from the first novel was present and, just like the title suggests, to the maximum. Continue reading “Death’s Head: Maximum Offense by David Gunn”

Death’s Head by David Gunn

Sven Tveskoeg is a legionnaire on a backwater planet, a self-healer and a tough son of a bitch with an artificial arm. When his base is attacked by the ruthless animal-like Ferox he is taken their prisoner and lives with them, a strained relationship at best. Sven is able to understand the Ferox, something that nobody thought was possible. When he is eventually rescued, interest in him is raised and a high ranking officer in Death’s Head (a high level special forces outfit) has plans for him. Sven is not one to pussy-foot around and answers bluntly to anyone that questions him, the sort of attitude that other Death’s Head officers despise and he makes no friends because of this – the only reason he is tolerated is because it is General Jaxx that essentially head-hunted him. Continue reading “Death’s Head by David Gunn”