Binary by Eric Brown

binaryEric Brown is one of my favourite authors, so when a proof copy of his latest hit my inbox I didn’t waste any time in getting to it. My full review is over at SFFWorld, so please head on over to check it out.

Binary is the latest work from Eric Brown, though I’m not entirely sure how to classify it. Releasing in ebook-only format it’s novella length with a page count just under 150 pages. But Binary is just the first part of this story and the second, System, will release early next year, also in ebook form. However, once they’re both out the publisher, Solaris, will issue them together in novel form under the title of Binary System. I’ve not come across this release style before, though the longer release window certainly gives more visibility to the novel, and that’s no bad thing given the high regard I hold Brown’s work to.

In short, Binary is a great read that brings a sense of excitement and discovery, and delivered at a pace that keeps the e-pages turning and has left me eager for the conclusion in System. It’s also typical of Brown’s work, so if you’ve read him before you know what you’re getting into. If you haven’t then this could be the perfect place to start!

Cosmopath by Eric Brown

Cosmopath is the last book in the Bengal Station trilogy, preceded by Necropath and Xenopath. I really enjoyed these books about psychic private detective Jeff Vaughan set in the expanse of the Bengal Station, and with Xenopath delivering a stronger story and a more widescreen view at the galaxy I had very high hopes for Cosmopath – hopes that were exceeded with ease! Continue reading “Cosmopath by Eric Brown”

Xenopath by Eric Brown

Xenopath is the second Bengal Station book by Eric Brown, focusing on a telepathic detective based in a huge spaceport off the coast of India. The first novel, Necropath, was a joy to read, and it certainly whetted my appetite for more stories focusing on Jeff Vaughan and his abilities. With Xenopath I was hoping that the general feeling would be carried through and that the characters would continue to be as enjoyable as they were in Necropath. I was pleasantly surprised in the direction it went and managed to blast through it with no problem at all. Continue reading “Xenopath by Eric Brown”

The Serene Invasion by Eric Brown

the-serene-invasionsThe Serene Invasion by Eric Brown (Solaris, Amazon UK, Amazon US) is the author’s return to the topic of first contact, much like his linked Kethani stories. The arrival of the Serene brings about a quick and decisive end to violence on Earth, with humans no longer able to commit any acts of aggression towards each other. With this stark forced change in behaviour, many of the human race praise the intervention, while others simply cannot accept such a massive and unwelcome intrusion. What follows is a look at the changes wrought on humanity, how the representatives of the Serene help guide those around them, and how some simply cannot accept the gift they have given.

Brown manages to tell a gripping and very detailed account of such a change. Not only does he look at the immediate effects of such an act, but he also shows the longer term effects of the coming of the Serene. While the transition is not entirely without problems, Brown is able to present both sides through various characters, their personal attachments, and just what they want for the future. The Serene Invasion is a quick and compelling read with big ideas and comments on societal change that will stay with you past the story’s conclusion. Recommended.

Salvage by Eric Brown

Salvage is a new collection of short stories from Eric Brown, one of my favourite authors writing today. It is very much in the tradition of some of his previous collections (The Fall of Tartarus, Kethani) in that it is a chronological look at events, this time befalling the crew of the salvage ship A Long Way From Home. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to this book, that since I heard about the possibility of it a year or two back it was one I just knew I had to read, and that as a fan of Brown I may have rose-tinted glasses on when it comes to his novels. Be that as it may, Salvage is just what the doctor ordered, with stories delivering exactly what I expected, and others not quite hitting the mark. Continue reading “Salvage by Eric Brown”

Weird Space: Satan’s Reach by Eric Brown

Weird Space is the shared universe Eric Brown created for Abaddon Books so they could add a Space Opera setting to their impressive collection of on-going series. While The Devil’s Nebula set the scene, introduced the Weird, and gave little tidbits of background information, Satan’s Reach takes many of these aspects and runs with them. Admittedly I was expecting something very different to what I read within the pages of Satan’s Reach, but I eventually understood my reaction and how I had subconsciously skewed my expectations. Continue reading “Weird Space: Satan’s Reach by Eric Brown”

Starship Winter by Eric Brown

Starship Winter is set a couple of years after the events of Starship Fall, and once again we’re back in Magenta Bay, on the Planet of Chalcedony, with David Conway and his friends: Matt, Maddie, Hawk, and Kee. Winter is a relatively short novella, focusing again on the events that befall the small group of friends we have followed through the previous novellas, with David Conway the medium through which we experience this tale. Continue reading “Starship Winter by Eric Brown”

Starship Fall by Eric Brown

Starship Summer was a novella I picked up after I had read and enjoyed some of Eric Brown’s other novels. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, and came across a novella that had so many different levels to it, from the characters to the setting and story, and thoroughly enjoyed what I found. When I discovered that it was only the first of a projected four novellas (the Starship Seasons series), I knew that I was going to pick up the rest as a matter of urgency. Continue reading “Starship Fall by Eric Brown”

Weird Space: The Devil’s Nebula by Eric Brown

The Devil’s Nebula is the first book in the new ‘Weird Space’ shared world series from Abaddon Books, and written by one of my favourite authors, Eric Brown. I’ve not read many shared world books before as I’ve never really seen the attraction of doing so – I much prefer to read a series from one author. As this is the first book in the Weird Space setting I was pleased to be able to jump on at the start, see what Brown would set up, and just how I would perceive it knowing it was to be the first of many in this setting and to be continued by different authors. But anyway, what did I think of The Devil’s Nebula? Exactly what I expected – I enjoyed it. Continue reading “Weird Space: The Devil’s Nebula by Eric Brown”