Queen and Country Def. Edition Vol 2 Greg Rucka

Reviewed by Stephen Aryan

This collected edition of the Queen and Country comic series from Oni press collects three trade paperbacks worth of stories involving Tara Chace. She is an operative of SIS and we see her getting involved in all manner of espionage games at home and abroad. The first mission, Operation Blackwall is a very personal one for Tara which see her visit France and try to get to the bottom of a blackmail case that involves one of her friends who was filmed in a very compromising situation. Unfortunately this person is merely a pawn and it is her father who is being blackmailed. Tara is sent in to find out what is going on, who is involved and to clean it all up before the information goes public. Whilst Tara is away we also find out a bit more about her private life and the cost of being an agent and what she has to personally sacrifice to get the job done. As ever Tara is tough, efficient and very cold when she needs to be. But there are no stereotypes here. She is not a frosty ice-maiden who hates men. At times she has to cover herself in armour to survive, to do the job and get results. Both stories in fact show us a bit more about Tara as an individual and all that she is capable of. Continue reading “Queen and Country Def. Edition Vol 2 Greg Rucka”