Vanguard by Jack Campbell

vanguard-usThe newest novel in Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet universe hit the shelves this week, and to mark such an occasion my review is up at SFFWorld! This entry is slightly different given it’s a prequel to the Lost Fleet books, and set hundreds of years earlier prior to the formation of the Alliance and Syndicate Worlds. A great read, good for fans and newcomers alike!

With the introduction of the jump drive humanity have started spreading out further amongst the stars, leaving Earth and the Old Colonies – those settled by sub-ftl means – many light years away. Glenlyon is one such colony, a new venture by those wanting to start out anew. But all is not smooth sailing, for other colonies in that area of space are not so civil, striking out at these newer colonies and trying to assert power over them, either by blackmail or force. When this happens to Glenlyon they are not left with much choice, though a former Navy lieutenant, Robert Geary, is called on for advice and to help out if he can. Along with computer whiz Lyn ‘Ninja’ Meltzer, Glenlyon are able to not only fend off the attack, but also capture the starship sent to threaten them. What follows is a look at how these new colonies deal with the threats they face, and just how far these forces are willing to go to subvert planets to their control.

I love the Lost Fleet books. In fact, I love Jack Campbell’s book, both under this pseudonym and as John G Hemry (his JAG in Space books are criminally underrated). Vanguard is another winner for me, both as a prequel series and as a fresh start. It’s got that excellent readability that is present in all Campbell’s novels, and when the story is itself engrossing you just can’t lose. Vanguard also has the added benefit of being a great place for newcomers to join, as well as ticking off many of the much-needed points for Lost Fleet fans. In short, highly recommended.

Leviathan by Jack Campbell

leviathan-ukI’m a huge Lost Fleet fan, so the release of Leviathan was right up there with my most anticipated books of the year. Did it deliver what I wanted? Well, my full review is up at SFFWorld for your reading pleasure!

Leviathan is the latest novel by Jack Campbell in his popular Lost Fleet setting, with this one being the fifth novel in the Beyond The Frontier series. Focusing once again on the exploits of Admiral John ‘Black Jack’ Geary, his flagship, Dauntless, and its captain (and Geary’s wife) Tanya Desjani, plus the ships and captains of all the Alliance First Fleet, it’s easy to say one thing: if you’ve not read the previous Beyond The Frontier novels, this really isn’t the place to jump in. If, like me, you’ve been keeping up with Campbell’s output, then what you’ll find in Leviathan is an interesting novel, one that returns the quality of the series to expectations, and one that resolves the much of what Steadfast, the previous novel, spent time in setting up.

We also get to see more of the Dancer aliens in Leviathan, and it leads to a big step forward in communications between them and humanity. It’s interesting to finally hear more in-depth knowledge from them, and to see just how far behind humanity is in their understanding of interstellar travel. It’s nice to see an alien species being developed like this, and I hope that this isn’t the last we’ll see of them.

Guardian by Jack Campbell

A new Lost Fleet novel is becoming a regular occurrence and, much like my birthday and Christmas, I look forward to the annual event and wonder what it will bring each year. With Guardian I didn’t expect anything massively different from the last installment, but questioned whether Campbell would introduce something new and different, and eager to see where he’s going with the plot threads he has in motion. Continue reading “Guardian by Jack Campbell”

Invincible by Jack Campbell

Another Lost Fleet book by Jack Campbell? Oh, go on then!

I think it’s fair to say that I’m a fan of The Lost Fleet series of novels, and whenever a new volume is announced it’s swiftly added to my wish list. Invincible is the second in the Beyond the Frontier saga, following on from the initial six book series, and picking up events immediately after the ending of Dreadnaught, and manages to add much more to the setting than I initially thought it would do. Continue reading “Invincible by Jack Campbell”

Dreadnaught by Jack Campbell

The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Dreadnaught (or simply Dreadnaught as I will refer to it from now on!) is the new book in Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet setting, although this book kicks off a new trilogy set after the events of the original six book series. To say that this book was a highly anticipated release would be a gross understatement, I imported it as soon as I could and cracked it open and plowed through it in barely a few days. I’m a huge fan of the series and I thoroughly enjoyed Dreadnaught, despite the few little problems I had with it. Continue reading “Dreadnaught by Jack Campbell”

Valiant, Relentless, and Victorious by Jack Campbell

I’ve really enjoyed reading The Lost Fleet novels by Jack Campbell (pen name of John G Hemry) and while I’ve reviewed the first three (Dauntless, Fearless, & Courageous) individually the series does have many similar themes that would see me repeating myself in reviews of the last three books. So I’m combining them and giving a general overview rather than a detailed synopsis. Be warned, there will be spoilers ahead…. Continue reading “Valiant, Relentless, and Victorious by Jack Campbell”

An Interview with John G Hemry (Jack Campbell)

Jim Black, one of the contributors here at Walker of Worlds, conducted an interview with author John G Hemry (author of the Lost Fleet series under the pen name of Jack Campbell) back in 2008 after the release of Courageous, the third Lost Fleet book, on his blog Science Fiction Times. He saw that I was looking forward to the UK releases of the series and asked if I wanted to post this interview – I jumped at the chance! It’s always great to read an interview with an author whose work I enjoy, and a big thanks to Jim for allowing me to re-post this along with his thoughts. Continue reading “An Interview with John G Hemry (Jack Campbell)”

The Lost Fleet: Courageous by Jack Campbell

Courageous is the third book in the Lost Fleet series, preceded by Dauntless and Fearless, and as such you’re not going to be getting a stand alone here – this series is one big story. I’ve really enjoyed the first two books and was very much looking forward to get stuck into Courageous to see where it took the story and just what else could be thrown up for Geary and the fleet to deal with. While Jack Campbell sticks to a formula that has proven successful in the previous instalments, he does introduce some new aspects that help increase the tension and raise plenty of questions about the bigger picture. Continue reading “The Lost Fleet: Courageous by Jack Campbell”

The Lost Fleet: Fearless by Jack Campbell

I really enjoyed the first Lost Fleet book, Dauntless, and thought the series had a lot to offer with the premise that was set up. I jumped straight into Fearless wondering whether it would be more of the same, or whether Jack Campbell would give further reason to continue reading about the journey to Alliance space. Continue reading “The Lost Fleet: Fearless by Jack Campbell”

The Lost Fleet: Dauntless by Jack Campbell

I’m always on the look out for new-to-me military SF stories and series, it’s one of those sub genres that I almost always enjoy. I came across the Lost Fleet series written by Jack Campbell (the pen name of John G Hemry) last year as I looked for a completed series to get my teeth into. In truth I just didn’t know what to expect, but I soon discovered that I had been missing out big time. Although I read the series on its entirety last year, it was a personal, non-review read. However, it’s a series that I just couldn’t stop thinking about and, with the UK releases hitting our shores this year, I decided to re-read the books to review them, just to let you all know what you’re missing! Continue reading “The Lost Fleet: Dauntless by Jack Campbell”