Wolfsangel by MD Lachlan

Reviewed by Stephen Aryan

This is the first fantasy novel by MD Lachlan and although I’ve said this a few times recently, he also has a very unique voice in the fantasy genre, and this is certainly not a me-too product in any way. I can’t point to any other fantasy book that I have read and say, Wolfsangel is a bit like that, because it’s a very distinct and disturbing creation. Continue reading “Wolfsangel by MD Lachlan”

An interview with M.D Lachlan

M. D. Lachlan is the pen name for the fantasy work of author and journalist Mark Barrowcliffe. His first book Wolfsangel was published in May 2010 and is a unique mix of myth, fantasy, horror and history.

I recently interviewed Mark about his approach to writing, the ongoing series and the new novel, Fenrir, which is published later this week from Gollancz. Continue reading “An interview with M.D Lachlan”