The Orphaned Worlds by Michael Cobley

Darien is no longer a lost outpost of humanity, but the prize in an intergalactic power struggle. Hegemony forces have a stranglehold over the planet and crack troops patrol its hotspots while Earth watches, passive, rendered impotent by galactic politics. But its Darien ambassador will soon become a player in a greater conflict. There is more at stake than a turf war on a newly discovered world.

An ancient Uvovo temple hides access to a hyperspace prison, housing the greatest threat sentient life has ever known. Millennia ago, malignant intelligences were caged there following an apocalyptic war. And their servants work on their release.

However, Darien’s guardians have not been idle, gathering resistance on the planet’s forest moon. Knowledge has been lost since great races battled in eons past, and now time is short. The galaxy will depend on the Uvovo reclaiming their past – and humanity must look to its future. For a new war is coming. Continue reading “The Orphaned Worlds by Michael Cobley”

An interview with Michael Cobley

I first came across Mike’s stuff last year when Gary Gibson posted the cover art to Seeds of Earth on his blog. After much drooling I headed over to Mike’s blog to see if I could find out some more about the book, the first in a trilogy, and had a read of the synopsis. Suffice to say it hooked me and put Seeds of Earth high on the list of must-read books in 2009. Managing to get my hands on an early review copy meant I was treated to an excellent story and great start to a trilogy.

A huge thanks goes to Mike for taking the time to answer my questions, I’m sure you’ll find his answers as interesting and entertaining as I did!

Remember to check out his blog here and the site of his publisher, Orbit, here. Continue reading “An interview with Michael Cobley”