Starship: Flagship by Mike Resnick

And so I reach the final book in the Starship series, Starship: Flagship. I’ve loved this series so far and enjoyed all the books to date – Mutiny, Pirate, Mercenary and Rebel – with very little reservations. To say I was anticipating this would be an understatement and I only hoped it could provide the same enjoyment that I had come to expect from the series. Did it hit the right notes? Well, not exactly, but it was still a very enjoyable novel. Continue reading “Starship: Flagship by Mike Resnick”

Starship: Rebel by Mike Resnick

Starship: Rebel is the fourth book in the Starship series, following on from Mutiny, Pirate and Mercenary. So far the series has gone from strength to strength, building on from each book in a logical and enjoyable fashion. I mentioned in my review of Starship: Mercenary that I felt there were no surprises in store, that everything seemed to go the right way for Cole and the crew of the Teddy R. Starship: Rebel does away with that notion and manages to up the stakes while still delivering a compact and fast paced novel. Continue reading “Starship: Rebel by Mike Resnick”

Starship: Mercenary by Mike Resnick

Starship: Mercenary is the third book in Mike Resnick’s Starship series, preceded by Starship: Mutiny and Starship: Pirate. It picks things up where they were left in Pirate, with Wilson Cole and the crew of the Teddy R giving up on the piracy game and deciding to go into the mercenary business. Again, Resnick manages to mix things up and delivers another solid story that keeps much of the same that made the first two books so successful, but adds more to the story to keep the reader more than satisfied. Read on for more… Continue reading “Starship: Mercenary by Mike Resnick”

Starship: Pirate by Mike Resnick

After enjoying myself immensely with Starship: Mutiny I had to go straight on to Starship: Pirate. The ending of the first book was great and it opened a whole lot of interesting situations up to the crew of the Teddy R. Starship: Pirate was never going to be the same sort of book as Mutiny, but I jumped into it in the hope that the essence of what I enjoyed was still present. Suffice to say that I had as much fun here as I did in the first, but this time with some very interesting new characters thrown into the mix. Continue reading “Starship: Pirate by Mike Resnick”

Starship: Mutiny by Mike Resnick

Starship: Mutiny is the first book in Mike Resnick’s Starship series, a Military SF series with larger than life characters and a plot that begs you to keep on reading. I initially read this book a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it, and since it’s been a while since the review appeared on the blog I thought I’d polish it up and re-post it. Continue reading “Starship: Mutiny by Mike Resnick”