SFFWorld, Best of the Year Parts 2 & 3

I meant to get a link for these posted well before now, but as it is with time off work over Christmas, I’ve been rather lazy! Better later than never though, so please head on over to SFFWorld to see our thoughts on the best SF of the year (Part 2), and also what Film & TV we all watched, and what we though of it (Part 3).

Movies in 2014

I’ve watched my fair share of movies this year, though perhaps not as many as I would have liked considering I have an unlimited card for the local Cineworld. There were some films that I really couldn’t wait to see, with a few completely living up to expectations (I’m looking at you, Guardians of the Galaxy), while others were so mind-numbingly crap that I wish I could erase the experience from my life (damn you, Transformers). Continue reading “Movies in 2014”

Super 8

Reviewed by Stephen Aryan

I don’t normally do film reviews or posts on films but I wanted to write about Super 8 for a few reasons. I saw it with a friend who is the same age as me and while I really enjoyed it, his comments were along the lines of – it was nothing special. This struck me as odd for a number of reasons. I’m in my 30s now and I’m as cynical as the next person (if not more so) and also not as easily shocked as I used to be. I’m also far more difficult to impress and am not easily excited by special effects in a film. But I can still remember the emotions ET stirred in me the first time I saw it when I was very young. It was a very special moment and one that doesn’t come along very often. Continue reading “Super 8”