Night Without Stars by Peter F Hamilton

night-without-stars-ukLast week I posted my review of Peter F Hamilton’s latest, Night Without Stars, the rather excellent conclusion to his Chronicle of the Fallers. Well worth checking out!

Night Without Stars is Peter F Hamilton’s conclusion to his Chronicle of the Fallers duology, itself effectively a conclusion – at least for the moment – of his Commonwealth Universe. Following on from The Abyss Beyond Dreams (Mark C’s review, MarkY’s review), Night Without Stars has a lot to do in its page count to effectively tie up the story, and it makes this task even greater by essentially resetting the society and technology on Bienvenido following its expulsion from the Void. It’s safe to say that having read The Abyss Beyond Dreams is a must before tackling Night Without Stars

With a varied cast of characters that each bring their own point of view to the story, and many threads that intertwine as the plot progresses, Night Without Stars ticks almost every box on an SF fans list. While sporadical during the early parts of the novel – prologue (Nigel Sheldon in Andromeda!) and start of chapter 1 (Primes!) excepted – these elements build to a very satisfying and enjoyable conclusion, and one that long-time fans of Hamilton’s work will relish.

A Window Into Time by Peter F Hamilton

a-window-into-timeA little snippet below, but head on over to to read the rest of the review, and I highly recommend picking up the novella!

A Window Into Time is one of those rare things from British Science Fiction author Peter F Hamilton – a novella. Known for his galaxy spanning far-future Space Opera novels and series, A Window Into Time is almost the exact opposite – a present day look at the life of a teenager. Of course, that’s not to say there isn’t his trademark SF twist in the mix – there is – but rather that this is a story unlike anything else Hamilton has written.

Fallen Dragon by Peter F Hamilton

Lawrence Newton was born into a board family on the colony world of Amethi, a planet that required long-term investment and global warming in order to melt its ice and make it comfortably habitable for humans. He dreams of life among the stars, exploring and searching for new planets for the human race to colonise, but the reality of current starflight expeditions is bleak. When events in his life lead to a discovery that could allow him to fulfill his dream he heads to Earth in the hopes of realising it. Continue reading “Fallen Dragon by Peter F Hamilton”

The Forever War, an appreciation by Peter F Hamilton

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman
An appreciation by Peter F Hamilton

I keep coming back to this book. Not that I re-read it much, I don’t have that kind of time-luxury these days. But when Mark asked me to do something for his Appreciation Month1, it was the one that came straight to the front of my mind. It’s easy, that’s why. Continue reading “The Forever War, an appreciation by Peter F Hamilton”

The Evolutionary Void by Peter F Hamilton

Here it is, the grand finale: The Evolutionary Void. The conclusion to the Void Trilogy, started with The Dreaming Void and followed up by The Temporal Void, was by far my most anticipated book of the year, and the series makes very strong noises to be my favourite finished series ever. So, with expectations that simply couldn’t get any higher, does The Evolutionary Void meet these? Simple answer: Hell yeah! Continue reading “The Evolutionary Void by Peter F Hamilton”

The Temporal Void by Peter F Hamilton

The Centaurion Station, the base of the Void observation for countless millennia, is torn apart as Raiel machines move to counter the Void’s expansion. Justine, who is at the station as it is destroyed, makes a decision that will affect the whole of humanity; to enter the Void in an attempt to negotiate with the Skylord. Will the Second Dreamer be able to get her safe passage, even if it means exposing herself? Continue reading “The Temporal Void by Peter F Hamilton”

The Dreaming Void by Peter F Hamilton

The Commonwealth Universe, a place where humanity has prospered, evolved and expanded throughout the galaxy. As the Commonwealth has grown, colony ships have set out to found new human worlds far from the current occupied space, and the galaxy has been circumnavigated. Many new alien species have been encountered and the Void, an artificial universe at the centre of the galaxy protected by a deadly event horizon, has been discovered. Continue reading “The Dreaming Void by Peter F Hamilton”

Great North Road by Peter F Hamilton

Great North Road is Peter F Hamilton’s latest novel, and first stand-alone in a decade. His past six books have all been set in his Commonwealth Universe, and Great North Road is a big step away from the galaxy-spanning action of those novels. It still has all of Hamilton’s trademarks – in-depth world building, a large cast of characters, interesting aliens, and a complex plot – and at over a thousand pages it certainly tells an epic story. Continue reading “Great North Road by Peter F Hamilton”

Comfort reading the Void Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton

I’ve struggled to read since just before Christmas for a variety of reasons, but I finally managed to break into some books this past week. I’ve been eyeing quite a few that have arrived at the house over the past couple of months, but every time I start one my attention seems to drift off and I can never really get into them. I decided that it was time for a comfort read, and me being me I don’t do things by half. So, last week I cracked open The Dreaming Void by Peter F Hamilton, planning to read all three books over a few weeks. However, much like the Void, I devoured them, and in just a week too. Excellent! Continue reading “Comfort reading the Void Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton”

Manhattan in Reverse by Peter F Hamilton

I’ve been a Peter F Hamilton fan for a long time, in fact the reason I read sci-fi nowadays is because of Pandora’s Star. The last collection of short stories by Peter F Hamilton was A Second Chance at Eden released way back in the late 90’s, but it was a collection of Confederation exclusive stories based on his Night’s Dawn universe. On hearing about this new collection I was rather excited, hoping to see all of the stories that he’s written since then. Aside from one glaring omission this is a pretty decent collection and worthy of a place on the shelf of any Hamilton fan. Continue reading “Manhattan in Reverse by Peter F Hamilton”