The Complete Aliens Omnibus Volume 1 by Steve Perry

aliens-omnibusThe first re-release of the older Aliens novels starts with this omnibus, and what a joy it was to read too. I’m a massive fan of the first two Alien films, so reading stories that clearly take inspiration from them was much fun. Check out my review.

The Complete Aliens Omnibus Volume 1 presents an enjoyable and solid story over the three novels despite some issues that creep in towards the end. It has interesting characters and fascinating world-building, especially when expanding details with the xenomorphs. Given that these novels are now over twenty years old they may be more suited to fans of the series rather than casual readers. I, however, found them to be just what I needed to read – they have a familiarity to them that is comforting, and they tread both new and old ground in doing so.

Prey: Aliens Vs Predator by Steve Perry & Stephani Perry

Ryushi, a planet where just over 100 humans live, farming Rhynth that they then ship back to other human worlds. The planet is hot and dry, the heat from twin suns giving it a barren landscape, where the only valuable thing for humans is the Rhynth, four legged beasts not too disimilar to terran Rhinos. However, with the cargo ship due to collect the shipment a rancher discovers something strange, a spider-like creature with a tail, dead near part of his heard. Continue reading “Prey: Aliens Vs Predator by Steve Perry & Stephani Perry”