Treecat Wars by David Weber and Jane Lindskold

Set in the same universe as Weber’s Honor Harington series, Treecat Wars is the third novel in the prequel Star Kingdom series, one which is being co-written by Jane Lindskold. This series is aimed straight at the YA market, and focuses on a teenage Stephanie Harrington and the events following her discovery of the treecats on the planet of Sphinx. The first novel in this series, A Beautiful Friendship, was a massive hit for me, setting everything up nicely and delivering a thoroughly enjoyable read. Fire Season didn’t manage to meet the lofty expectations I had, and ultimately fell flat on many fronts. It was with great trepidation that I picked up Treecat Wars, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found with its pages. Continue reading “Treecat Wars by David Weber and Jane Lindskold”

Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings

Poltergeeks is the story of Julia Richardson, a teenage witch. It runs in the family, and while they aren’t part of a coven, Julia and her mother get by just fine by themselves. That is until, one day, Julia steps in to stop a poltergeist from terrorising one of her neighbours, and in doing so sets off a chain of events that not only lead to danger and tragedy, but also to discovery, and the reason behind her mother’s often strict rules on Julia and her use of magic. Continue reading “Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings”

Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon

I read Katya’s World by Jonathan Howard last year, the first book by Strange Chemistry that looked like proper sci-fi. When Zenn Scarlett was announced I knew it was another to keep my eye on, looking very much like the sort of YA SF I’d enjoy. I’m pleased to say that the imprint has done its job here, publishing another SF title that ticks many boxes and, above all else, is very readable. Continue reading “Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon”

The Planet Thieves by Dan Krokos

I’m always on the look out for YA focused sci-fi novels because I love the genre and want to be able to recommend interesting and action packed books to the younger generation. The Planet Thieves is a novel that fits this perfectly – it’s aimed at the younger end of the YA crowd, and in doing so offers a novel that an captivate and enthrall the reader all the way through. Continue reading “The Planet Thieves by Dan Krokos”

Fire Season by David Weber and Jane Lindskold

Fire Season is the second Stephanie Harrington novel, the new YA series from David Weber. I thoroughly enjoyed A Beautiful Friendship, so reading Fire Season was a no-brainer. I knew that Jane Lindskold was on board for co-writing duties, and I questioned how this would effect the novel, and how different it could be in tone and style to A Beautiful Friendship. Turns out the answer wasn’t what I hoped for, and Fire Season marked a change in both style and storytelling. Continue reading “Fire Season by David Weber and Jane Lindskold”

Katya’s World by Jonathan L Howard

Strange Chemistry is the new YA imprint of Angry Robot, and once the announcement of it’s creation was made I kept my eye on their releases, hoping to see a sci-fi YA novel that I could pick up and read. Katya’s World by Jonathan L Howard is the first sci-fi release from the imprint – and the first in book in the Russalka Chronicles – and I wanted to see just what it could offer. While not quite the space opera story I was looking for, Katya’s World delivered, and made Strange Chemistry an imprint I’ll be keeping my eye on in the future. Continue reading “Katya’s World by Jonathan L Howard”

A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber

I’ve read a fair amount of David Weber’s stuff this year set in his Honorverse and following Honor Harrington, the heroine of the main series. Now we have the release of A Beautiful Friendship, the first in a new prequel teen series that focuses on one of Honor’s ancestors, Stephanie Harrington. I’d heard about this a while back, but I hadn’t read any of the Honorverse books at that time so I didn’t pay it much attention. A bit of a mistake! Once I knew how much I enjoyed Weber’s novels I got my order in for this straight away. My only real concern was whether or not I would be able to fully enjoy it knowing that it’s the latest book written in such a large setting despite the prequel nature of the story. As is usually the case when I have these concerns there was no need at all. In fact, this is just about the perfect starting point… Continue reading “A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber”

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay is the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I very much enjoyed the first novel, The Hunger Games, and its sequel, Catching Fire, was also quite good, but not up to the standard set in the first novel. Mockingjay, unfortunately, continues the downward trend and while it completes the trilogy and delivers a good story, it’s nowhere near as enjoyable to read. Continue reading “Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins”

Wyrmeweald: Returner’s Wealth by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Young pioneer, Micah, enters Wrymeweald full of hope to return home having made his fortune. But this is a land where wyrmes, fabulous dragon-like beasts, roam wild and reign supreme. In Wyrmeweald man is both hunter and hunted – and seventeen-year-old Micah may never return alive, let alone a hero…

After a near-brush with death on the edge of a canyon, Micah soon finds a chance to prove his worth when he meets with Eli, a veteran tracker of Wyrmeweald. They choose to defend a rare whitewyrme egg and its precious hatchling before it falls into the hands of a band of evil Kith. But the fledgling wyrme has its own guardian in the shape of the beautiful, brave and dangerous Thrace.

Thrace, a Kin and a highly-skilled wyrme rider-assasin; and Micah, a would-be Kith, should never mix – but the magnetism between them is strong. Together they join forces on a mission to rescue the hatchling and seek vengenace for loved-ones lost at the hand of Kith bandits. Meanwhile the glorious whitewyrme colony of Wyrmeweald looks on as its land is encroached by gold-diggers and ravaged by bounty hunters. Is Exodus the only option? And if so, when – and where – will they flee too? Continue reading “Wyrmeweald: Returner’s Wealth by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell”

Monster Republic by Ben Horton

An explosion in a nuclear power plant.
Kids patched up with scavenged body parts and bionic implants.
A growing army of superhuman soldiers programmed for destruction.

“No,” whispered Cameron to the monster in the glass. And he watched it shaking its hideous head. “That’s not me. You’re not me.”

As commercial and compelling as a computer game, this is the first book in a major new series.
Continue reading “Monster Republic by Ben Horton”