The Dinosaur Four by Geoff Jones

The Dinosaur Four by Geoff Jones starts as innocuously as possible in a coffee shop during morning trade. When a loud ticking sound starts up, followed by the chunk of building housing the café being transported 67 million years into the past, those unfortunate enough to be within face what few could even imagine: survival during the time of the dinosaurs.

the-dinosaur-fourWhat we have here is a novel that combines action, intrigue, and the examination of the human psyche, all tied up in what could easily be a B-movie special. There are obvious comparisons to films like Jurassic Park, but Jones manages to avoid turning The Dinosaur Four into a rehash of these, putting a unique spin on the premise. While the how’s and why’s aren’t given any real detail, what there is more than works within the confines of the story.

While not everyone makes it once the coffee shop is back in the cretaceous period, those that are still around provide plenty of entertainment, and also a good look at human nature when people are thrown into such a stressful situation. Jones manages to keep you guessing as to who will or will not survive the page count, as well as ending the story in a rather unexpected fashion. Recommended.

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